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Prometic Life Sciences Inc.
Traded as
Industry Biopharmaceutical
Founded October 14, 1994; 23 years ago (1994-10-14)
Headquarters 440 Boul. Armand-Frappier Suite 300, Laval, Québec, Canada

Prometic Life Sciences Inc. is a Canadian publicly traded biopharmaceutical company.


Prometic was founded in 1988, as a commercial spinoff of research at the University of Cambridge on affinity chromatography.[1] Its founder was the current President and CEO, Pierre Laurin, whose research formed the basis for the company's products.[1] On May 19, 1998,the Corporation went public through a listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

In August 2016, the company announced the acquisition of Telesta Therapeutics.[2]


Most of the company's products are based on its affinity chromatography process. One use of this process is the purification of drugs, reducing impurities and thus side effects.[1] A second use is removing pathogens from human blood; in 2002, ProMetic formed a joint venture with the American Red Cross to remove pathogens and viruses from collected blood.[3] A third application is to extract and purify therapeutic proteins from human plasma, which are then used in the creation of therapeutics and orphan drugs.

Prometic has two business segments: the protein technologies segment and the small-molecule therapeutics segment.

The small-molecule therapeutics segment produces products for sufferers of fibrosis, cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company most prominent product is PBI-4050, an anti-fibrosis product. [4]

Headquartered in Laval, Quebec, Prometic has:

  • Research and development facilities in the UK, the US and Canada
  • Manufacturing facilities in the UK and Canada[5]

It also conducts business development activities in the US, Europe and Asia. As of 2015, it has approximately 250 employees.


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