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Telenor Montenegro
Native name
Теленор Црна Гора/Telenor Crna Gora
Industry Telecommunication
Founded March 1996
Headquarters Podgorica, Montenegro
Key people
Michael Malvebo (CEO)
Number of employees

Telenor Montenegro (full legal name: Telenor Crna Gora d.o.o. Podgorica) is the first and largest mobile phone operator in Montenegro. Telenor Montenegro went live (as ProMonte) on July 10, 1996. As of August 11, 2004, Telenor Montenegro is fully owned by Telenor Mobile Communications AS.

In November 1995, PTT of Montenegro and European Telecom Luxembourg signed a contract on establishing a limited liability company in the aim of obtaining a mobile telephony license in Montenegro. Then in January 1996, consortium ETL and PTT of Montenegro obtained a 20-year concession for establishing a GSM 900 mobile network in Montenegro. Then ProMonte was founded two months later, in March 1996. The first mobile telephony call made in Montenegro was on July 10, 1996. In December 2001, ProMonte obtained a 15-year license, letting it use GSM 900 and DCS 1800. At the same time, PTT of Montenegro sold ETL its 9% of ProMonte shares. On August 11, 2004, Telenor has completed the acquisition of an additional 55.9% of the shares in ProMonte, and became the 100% owner of ProMonte. ProMonte was rebranded as Telenor on May 18, 2010.

Telenor Montenegro currently has 175 base stations which cover all main roads, the majority of tunnels and all the beaches and winter tourist centers in Montenegro. Telenor Montenegro's signal covers 98% of the places where Montenegro's inhabitants reside - much less than 50% of the territory of Montenegro. Telenor Montenegro sales network contains around 2100 points all over Montenegro. The IMSI Network Code of Telenor Montenegro is 220-02 and there are two MSISDN Network Codes: 38269 and 38263, followed by 6-digit personal number.

Telenor Montenegro's signal covers a small area of Serbia, which uses GSM and GPRS technology, under the Network Code: 220-07.


Market Share in Montenegro[edit]

As of March 2010, Telenor Montenegro held 39.33% of the Montenegrin market for mobile telephony, or 447,067 users.[1]


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