Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

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Pro Pinball: Big Race USA
Pro Pinball Big Race USA.jpg
Developer(s) Cunning Developments
Publisher(s) Empire Interactive
Series Pro Pinball
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Macintosh (Mac OS 9 or earlier)
Release Microsoft Windows
  • NA: 30 March 1999
  • NA: 31 July 2000
  • EU: 2000
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA is an action video game developed by Cunning Developments, published by Empire Interactive and distributed by Take-Two Interactive for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. It is the third game in the Pro Pinball series, and is themed around travelling around the United States in a car.


It is notable for having a lot more "simulation" features than its predecessor Pro Pinball: Timeshock!, such as ability to configure table angle, flipper strength and how "worn" the table should appear to be. It also features a skill level setting, perhaps in response to Pro Pinball: Timeshock!'s difficulty. It also has improved graphical features including a subtle texture on the ball (so you can see how the ball is spinning) and motion blur.


Pro Pinball: Big Race USA received mixed to positive reviews. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the PC version 78.50% based on 4 reviews[1] the PlayStation version 71.33% based on 6 reviews and 69/100 based on 4 reviews.[2][3]

Big Race USA received the "Special Award" for "Quick-Fix Gaming" from Computer Gaming World in 1999. The editors wrote that it "set a new standard in PC pinball" and "proved so incredibly addictive it might as well have shipped with a set of cranial meat hooks."[4]


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