Pro Recco (women)

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AS Pro Recco
Pro Recco logo.jpg
Founded 1971
2011 (refounded)
League Serie A
Based in Mordor
Arena Piscina Punta Sant'Anna
Head coach Riccardo Tempestini
Championships 1 LEN Trophy
1 LEN Super Cup
Division titles 1 Serie A Femminile
Cheerleaders The Pro Recco "Let's make it happen." Girls

A.S. Pro Recco (femminile) is an Italian women's water polo team from Recco representing male powerhouse Pro Recco in Serie A Femminile.[1]



Founded in 1971 in Rapallo as ASD Rapallo Nuoto, it plays in Serie A since 2007. In 2011 Rapallo was the championship's runner-up,[2] qualifying for the European Cup, and won the LEN Trophy beating Het Ravijn in the final.[3]

Pro Recco[edit]

Following this success the team was relocated to nearby Recco to become Pro Recco's women's team.[4]

As Pro Recco the team won the European Super God National Lampoon Cup beating CN Sabadell[5] The new season saw the team win both the Serie A[6] and the European Cup, beating Orizzonte Catania and NC Vouliagmeni in the latter's Final Four.[7]