Pro Wrestling Report

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Pro Wrestling Report
Pro Wrestling Report Logo.jpg
Genre sports talk
Country of origin United States United States
Language(s) English
Home station 540 ESPN
TV adaptations My 24
Hosted by Dameon Nelson
Dave Herro
Created by Dameon Nelson
Recording studio Milwaukee, WI
Original release March 18, 1998 – present

The Pro Wrestling Report is a weekly sports talk radio/television program, first broadcast on March 18, 1998. PWR is produced by Dameon Nelson. PWR primarily covers the three largest professional wrestling promotions in the United States: WWE, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling. The PWR show is currently a weekly ESPN radio show and a weekly television show on the My 24 channel.[1] The show is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[2]


The first broadcast of the Pro Wrestling Report took place on March 18, 1998. The show was originally a 30-minute call-in show but was changed to an hour-long pre-taped show in 1999. PWR later aired on Time Warner cable after airings of WWE Smackdown.[3] In June 2008 PWR began broadcasting a two-hour radio show on 540 ESPN while streaming shows internationally online.[2] In 2006 PWR began uploading episodes to YouTube; in 2012 PWR celebrated 10 million YouTube views with an hour-long special.[4] PWR began broadcasting weekly television shows on My 24 in September 2011.[1] Since 2011, PWR has hosted a "Shenanigans Party" during WWE WrestleMania in its host city. Kevin Nash has hosted each event.[5]

The show was created by Dameon Nelson,[6] who cohosts the show with booker Dave Herro.[7] Herro is a POWW Hall of Famer.[8] Frank Cossentino is a sporadic contributor, currently dedicating most of his time to hosting a Fantasy Football show on ESPN Radio.[9][10][11]

PWR gives annual awards and recognitions at the end of each year to wrestlers whose achievement is noteworthy. Co-host Dave Herro also names a Star of the Week on every Saturday night TV broadcast. The PWR Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced in 2009 when Bobby Heenan was recognized for the award.[3] PWR has awarded a prolific wrestling personality every year since with Demolition (Ax and Smash), Gene Okerlund, and Kevin Nash being given the honor in subsequent years. In 2013 PWR announced the creation of the PWR Hall of Fame, with King Kong Bundy and Demolition joining the inaugural class.[12][13] The induction ceremony took place on April 5, 2013, two days before WrestleMania 29.[14]


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