Procyanidin C1

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Procyanidin C1
Chemical structure of procyanidin C1
IUPAC name
Other names
Procyanidin C1
Procyanidol C1
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Molar mass 866.77 g/mol
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Procyanidin C1 is a B type proanthocyanidin. It is an epicatechin trimer found in grape (Vitis vinifera).[1]

Chemical synthesis[edit]

The stereoselective synthesis of seven benzylated proanthocyanidin trimers (epicatechin-(4β-8)-epicatechin-(4β-8)-epicatechin trimer (procyanidin C1), catechin-(4α-8)-catechin-(4α-8)-catechin trimer (procyanidin C2), epicatechin-(4β-8)-epicatechin-(4β-8)-catechin trimer and epicatechin-(4β-8)-catechin-(4α-8)-epicatechin trimer derivatives) can be achieved with TMSOTf-catalyzed condensation reaction, in excellent yields. The structure of benzylated procyanidin C2 was confirmed by comparing the 1H NMR spectra of protected procyanidin C2 that was synthesized by two different condensation approaches. Finally, deprotection of (+)-catechin and (-)-epicatechin trimers derivatives gives four natural procyanidin trimers in good yields.[2]

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