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The Proclamation Trust
Abbreviation PT, Proc Trust
Formation 1986
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Region served
United Kingdom
Vaughan Roberts

The Proclamation Trust is a British evangelical Christian association founded in 1986 by Dick Lucas, led by Vaughan Roberts, based in Willcox House, London that is dedicated to training preachers in expository preaching. The Trust runs the Cornhill Training Course, the Evangelical Ministry Assembly as well as many conferences and Proclamation Trust Media.[1]


The Proclamation Trust declares that "The main aim of the to teach the Bible to preachers in order that they can in turn teach it to others. A further aim is to provide a fellowship of like-minded evangelicals across the denominations for encouragement in an exacting work." Underlying these aims is the "fundamental conviction...that when the Bible is taught God himself speaks, and his voice is heard clearly today".[2]


The Proclamation Trust was officially formed in 1986 by Dick Lucas from the preexisting Evangelical Ministry Assembly, which had been created in 1984. In 1991, David Jackman joined the staff to begin the Cornhill Training Course.[3] In 2009, Vaughan Roberts, rector of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford became president of the Trust.[4] The current directors are Christopher Ash (Director of Cornhill) and Adrian Reynolds (Director of Ministry).


Proclamation Trust's annual Evangelical Ministry Assembly has included speakers Don Carson, John Chapman, Os Guinness, Jim Packer, John Stott, Phillip Jensen, Sinclair Ferguson and Tim Keller. It attracts over 1000 delegates a year. The Cornhill Training Course now trains 90 students a year for ministry.[5] PT Media provides DVDs, CDs and books to serve its mission[6]

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