Procopius of Sázava

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Saint Procopius of Sázava
Josef Mathauser - Kníže Oldřich se setkává s poustevníkem Prokopem.jpg
Duke Oldřich meets Procopius during a hunt (painting by Josef Mathauser)
Born c. 970
Chotouň, Bohemia
Died March 25, 1053
Sázava, Bohemia
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church
Canonized June 2, 1204 by Pope Innocent III
Feast July 14; formerly July 4
Attributes devil ploughing before him; depicted as an abbot with a book and whip, devil at his feet; with a stag (or hind) near him; with Saints Adelbert, Ludmila, and Vitus; hermit with a skull and a girdle of leaves
Patronage Bohemia

Saint Procopius of Sázava (died March 25, 1053) was a Czech saint. He studied in Prague where he was also ordained. He was a canon and a hermit and then became the founding abbot of Sázava near Prague. He is an alleged author of the Reims Gospel.

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