Proculus of Bologna

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For other saints named Proculus, see Saint Proculus (disambiguation).
Saint Proculus of Bologna
San Domenico34.jpg
The Basilica of San Domenico, in Bologna, contains a statue of Saint Proculus by Michelangelo.
Died 304 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church

Saint Proculus of Bologna or Saint Proculus the Soldier (died c. 304 AD) is an Italian saint. He is said to have been a Roman officer who was martyred at Bologna under Diocletian.[1]

Traditional Narrative[edit]

Saint Proculus is the military patron of Bologna. In the time of the Diocletian, one Marinus was sent to Bologna to enforce the emperor's edict. Incensed by Marinus' cruelty, Proculus went to Marinus' house and killed him with an axe.[2] The Bolognese have held Proculus in veneration from very ancient times. His remains are preserved in the church of San Procolo in Bologna.