Procyanidin B6

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Procyanidin B6
Chemical structure of procyanidin B6
Other names
Procyanidin B6
ChemSpider 416635
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PubChem 474540
Molar mass 578.52 g/mol
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Procyanidin B6 is a B type proanthocyanidin.

Procyanidin B6 is a catechin-(4α→6)-catechin dimer. It can be found in grape seeds[1] and in beer.[2]

Chemical synthesis[edit]

Molar equivalents of synthetic (2R,3S,4R or S)-leucocyanidin and (+)-catechin condense with exceptional rapidity at pH 5 under ambient conditions to give the all-trans-[4,8]- and [4,6]-bi-[(+)-catechins] (procyanidins B3 and B6) the all-trans-[4,8:4,8]- and [4,8:4,6]-tri-[(+)-catechins] (procyanidin C2 and isomer).[3]


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