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Produce 101 Season 2
Produce 101 Season 2-poster.jpg
Promotional poster
GenreReality/Survival Show
Directed byAhn Jun-young
Presented byBoA,
Leeteuk (Position Evaluation)
Opening theme"It's Me (Pick Me)"
by Produce 101
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes11 (see list)
Executive producer(s)Kim Yong-bum
Running time120–160 minutes
220 minutes (Finale)
Production company(s)
DistributorCJ E&M
Original networkMnet
Original releaseApril 7 (2017-04-07) –
June 16, 2017 (2017-06-16)
Preceded byProduce 101
Followed byProduce 48[1]
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Produce 101 Season 2 (Korean프로듀스 101 시즌 2) was a 2017 boy group survival reality show on Mnet. The public (called 'national producers') "produces" a boy group by choosing 11 members among 101 trainees from 54 entertainment companies through online voting and live voting with multiple elimination rounds. The public also chose the group's concept, debut song and group name. In the season finale on June 16, 2017, which was broadcast live, the show announced the final 11 members who would debut as Wanna One. More than 16 million people cast their votes during the finale, equivalent to around 30% of South Korea's population.[2]


Produce 101 Season 2 consisted of 101 male contestants, who were trainees under company labels, debuted idols, or individual trainees in South Korea. Though most contestants were Korean, there were some Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese participants In addition to those from other nations. In the final episode, 11 out of the top 20 contestants were chosen to form the show's "project group" through a national fan voting system. The group will promote for two years (ending December 31, 2018) under YMC Entertainment (also the label of I.O.I from Produce 101 Season 1). The top 35 performed with the winning team at a finale concert. The group will disband after their contracts end, allowing the members of the final lineup to return to their respective agencies.

Bigger agencies, including S.M., YG, and JYP chose not to send trainees to participate in the second season.[3] YG Entertainment was, however, represented by four models under their subsidiary YGKPlus.[4] The first season's main director Han Dong-chul also withdrew from the show due to other commitments.[5]

For the boys' training, several artists were recruited for the show. Singers Lee Seok-hoon and Shin Yoo-mi were in charge of vocal training. Rappers Cheetah and Don Mills oversaw rap training. Kahi and Kwon Jae-seung oversaw dance training.[6]

Pre-show and promotions[edit]

On February 23, Mnet announced that BoA would be taking the MC role for this season, replacing Jang Keun-suk. She would be "acting as a messenger and a representative of the viewers".[7] Later on the same day, the trainers were also announced.[8] Mnet announced the official broadcast of the show, which would replace High School Rapper's time slot, on March 8.[9]

Soon after they had moved to their dorms on February 26, the participants started filming.[10] A teaser video of who would be taking "center" (or lead role) for the first song was later revealed.[11]

The contestants of Produce 101 Season 2 appeared for the first time on Episode 514 of M! Countdown on March 9, 2017. The group was presented by BoA, and the members performed the EDM theme song "나야나 (Pick Me)".[12] The "center" role was given to Brand New Music's 이대휘 (Lee Dae-hwi). Some participants had previously debuted through NU'EST, JJCC, HOTSHOT and Topp Dogg.[13][14] Other participants also gained attention from National Producers such as ONO Entertainment's Jang Moon-bok, Maroo Entertainment's Park Ji-hoon, Fantagio's Ong Seongwoo and the youngest participant from Media Line Entertainment's Lee Woojin.[15]

On March 31, the participants performed their single "나야나 (Pick Me)" at the Gocheok Sky Dome ahead of a baseball game between the LG Twins and the Nexen Heroes. In addition, Lee Dae-hwi threw the ceremonial first pitch to Brave Entertainment's Kim Samuel, at bat.[16]


Color key (In order of contestant's rank on the show)
       Final Member of Wanna One
       Contestants eliminated in the final episode
       Contestants eliminated in the third elimination round
       Contestants eliminated in the second elimination round
       Contestants eliminated in the first elimination round
       Contestants that left the show
101 Contestants
Kang Daniel (강다니엘) Park Ji-hoon (박지훈) Lee Dae-hwi (이대휘) Kim Jae-hwan (김재환) Ong Seong-woo (옹성우)
Park Woo-jin (박우진) Lai Guan-lin (라이관린) Yoon Ji-sung (윤지성) Hwang Min-hyun (황민현) Bae Jin-young (배진영)
Ha Sung-woon (하성운) Jung Se-woon (정세운) Kang Dong-ho (강동호) Kim Jong-hyun (김종현) Lim Young-min (임영민)
Ahn Hyeong-seop (안형섭) Yoo Seon-ho (유선호) Kim Samuel (김사무엘) Ju Hak-nyeon (주학년) Choi Min-ki (최민기)
Kim Yong-guk (김용국) Kwon Hyun-bin (권현빈) Lee Eui-woong (이의웅) Kenta Takada (타카다 켄타) Noh Tae-hyun (노태현)
Kim Sang-gyun (김상균) Jang Moon-bok (장문복) Kim Dong-hyun (김동현) Kim Dong-han (김동한) Kim Tae-dong (김태동)
Seo Sung-hyuk (서성혁) Kim Ye-hyun (김예현) Lee Keon-hee (이건희) Lee Woo-jin (이우진) Park Woo-dam (박우담)
Jung Dong-soo (정동수) Park Seong-woo (박성우) Hong Eun-ki (홍은기) Yoo Hoe-seung (유회승) Woo Jin-young (우진영)
Joo Jin-woo (주진우) Yeo Hwan-woong (여환웅) Justin (저스틴) Lee Gwang-hyun (이광현) Byun Hyun-min (변현민)
Yoon Hee-seok (윤희석) Kim Seong-ri (김성리) Kim Sang-bin (김상빈) Kim Tae-woo (김태우) Lee Jun-woo (이준우)
Zhu Zheng-ting (정정) Kim Nam-hyung (김남형) Lee Ki-won (이기원) Lee Yoo-jin (이유진) Yoon Jae-chan (윤재찬)
Kim Yong-jin (김용진) Lee In-soo (이인수) Kim Dong-bin (김동빈) Kim Tae-min (김태민) Ha Min-ho (하민호)
Sung Hyun-woo (성현우) Ju Won-tak (주원탁) Choi Dong-ha (최동하) Jung Joong-ji (정중지) Kwon Hyub (권협)
Lim Woo-hyuk (임우혁) Jung Hyo-jun (정효준) Son Dong-myeong (손동명) Lee Seo-kyu (이서규) Kim Hyun-woo (김현우)
Choi Tae-woong (최태웅) Jo Jin-hyung (조진형) Yoon Yong-bin (윤용빈) Han Min-ho (한민호) Yoo Jin-won (유진원)
Kim Yeon-guk (김연국) Jung Shi-hyun (정시현) Kim Chan-yul (김찬율) Choi Seunghyuk (최승혁) Lee Hoolim (이후림)
Kim Jaehan (김재한) Kim Chan (김찬) Jang Daehyun (장대현) Yoo Kyungmok (유경목) Choi Hadon (최하돈)
Park Heeseok (박희석) Yoo Hoyeon (유호연) Jo Gyumin (조규민) Wang Minhyuk (왕민혁) Choi Junyoung (최준영)
Jo Sungwook (조성욱) Kim Dohyun (김도현) Jo Yonggeun (조용근) Lee Gun-min (이건민) Jung Woncheol (정원철)
Choi Heesoo (최희수) Choi Jaewoo (최재우) Lee Ji-han (이지한) Han Jong-yeon (한종연) Nam Yoon-sung (남윤성)
Kim Shi-hyun (김시현)


Episode 1 (April 7, 2017)[edit]

The trainees from each company enter the studio, where seats are arranged in a pyramid with chairs numbered from 1 to 101. Each contestant chooses his preferred seat. Then contestants perform in a group or individually according to their company for evaluation. Some participants are asked to showcase any dancing, singing, or rapping skills for individual evaluation. Each trainee is judged on his potential and judges grade and assigned them into temporary groups for training: A, B, C, D, and F (with A being the highest and F the lowest). At the end of the episode, the popularity vote revealed Maroo Entertainment's Park Ji-hoon at 1st place who became popular after a gif of his wink at the end of the "나야나 (Pick Me)" performance went viral.[17]

Episode 2 (April 14, 2017)[edit]

After a few more evaluations, the trainees are assigned to dorms by their evaluation grades, and BoA announces that they will be performing on M! Countdown with their single "나야나 (Pick Me)"; they introduce the lyrics and choreography, and are told that they have three days to memorize the choreography and lyrics for a video evaluation. Line distribution and stage placement are determined by their final letter grade; A will have the most number of lines while F will be backup dancers who stand on the floor by the stage. The trainees film themselves individually performing the song while their fellow grade members watch. Each video is evaluated by the mentors. After the re-evaluation, they are given their new grades and are asked to move to their new rooms by rank. Four F ranked trainees moved up from their grade: Jellyfish Entertainment's Yoon Hee-seok, HF Music Company's Jung Won-chol and Pan Entertainment's Lee Ji-han are moved to B rank while The Vibe Label's Kim Tae-dong moves to the A rank.

Episode 3 (April 21, 2017)[edit]

After the announcement of the new batch of A ranked trainees, A rankers are given an hour to prepare a stage to appeal to the other trainees. The trainees, including those in the A group, have to vote for who they believe would be the best for the center position.[18] Brand New Music's Lee Dae-hwi of group A is voted to be the center with Lee Woojin received the second most votes. After their live performance, BoA announced the departure of 3 trainees from the show and that the 37 contestants who would receive the lowest ranks would be eliminated in the first elimination.

The trainees started their second mission: group performances in front of a live audience. 16 teams are formed to compete for 8 songs given: Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry", Shinee's "Replay", 2PM's "10 out of 10", B2ST's "Shock", Infinite's "Be Mine", EXO's "Call Me Baby", BTS's "Boy in Luv", and SEVENTEEN's "Mansae". Being the center, Lee Dae-hwi chooses his team first. Following the finalized picks for his team, by random draw, Lee Dae-hwi picks Hwang Min-hyun to choose his team. The remaining 14 team founders are also chosen by random draw. Each group consists of 5-7 members. The team founders then compete for songs individually through a race: only 8 can secure their desired songs and choose their opponent from the remaining 8 teams who lose in the race. The episode later showed the groups rehearsing and assigning roles of the 'leader', 'center', 'main vocalist', 'sub vocalists', and 'rappers'. Each song is then performed live by the two groups and each member is voted on separately by the live audience. The winning team among the two is determined by combining the individual scores. Members of the winning group would gain an extra 3000 points each, to be included into the ranking announcement of the week after. The group with the highest overall points would later perform on M! Countdown. Only four teams covering "10 Out of 10" and "Call Me Baby" were covered this week.[19]

Episode 4 (April 28, 2017)[edit]

The remaining 12 teams performed their respective songs and rehearsals for the groups are shown. After the last performance, the contestants are shown their ranking based purely on individual live votes and the additional 3000 points for the contestants of the winning teams: Park Woo-dam takes the 1st place. His "Mansae" group (composed of Park Woo-dam, Ju Won-tak, Kim Yeon-kuk, Woo Jin-young, and Kim Tae-dong), also score the highest, and are able to perform a special stage on M! Countdown.[20]

Episode 5 (May 5, 2017)[edit]

For this episode, contestants from Produce 101 Kim So-hye, Choi Yoo-jung and Kim So-hee appear as special panelists. The episode opens with the remaining 98 contestants entering the main studio by company. In between announcements of each trainee's ranking, events leading up to the elimination are shown, such as their dorm life, exercise and a hidden camera prank. I.O.I's Kim Do-yeon and Choi Yoo-jung met with the trainees and hosted a dance battle among the trainees, in which Hong Eun-ki was crowned "Dancing King". A poll for 'Top Visual' was also conducted, in which Park Ji-hoon was ranked 1st. Park Ji-hoon also retained his first place in the rankings announcement. First center Lee Dae-hwi was ranked 7th, the shocking fall in his rank surprising everyone. After announcing the top 59 trainees, BoA announces that the last trainee to be saved from elimination is Kim Sang-bin, ranking 60th. At the end of the episode, BoA announces that the team formation for the 4th mission, which is position evaluation, will be decided by online voting. This is a major difference to that of Season 1, where trainees got to choose the song they want.[21]

Episode 6 (May 12, 2017)[edit]

BoA once again meets with the trainees to announce the next challenge. The trainees are tasked to perform live in groups based on positions they want to debut in: vocal, dance or rap. There are five songs for vocals (I.O.I's "Downpour", BTS's "Spring Day", BoA's "Amazing Kiss", BLACKPINK's "Playing With Fire", and Jung Seung Hwan's "If It Is You") four songs for dance (Jason Derulo's "Get Ugly", NSYNC's "Pop", Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You", and Flo Rida's "Right Round") and four songs for rap (Mino ft. Taeyang's "Fear", iKON's "Rhythm Ta", Zico's "Boys and Girls", and Simon Dominic, G2, BewhY, and One's "Who You"). Each song has a member limit and would be picked by each trainee based on their ranks: Park Ji-hoon who ranked 1st (center) from the first elimination round would have the privilege of choosing the song he wants to perform first. BoA also announces that only 35 trainees will remain in the next round and that the winner from each position category will receive 100,000 votes while the winner from each group will receive 10,000 votes. After each performance, they are ranked in their groups first and then overall in the category. On the day of the stage performances, Super Junior's Leeteuk substituted BoA to host the show due to the latter's prior commitment. Only six groups are covered this week, with "Shape of You" group (composed of Noh Tae-hyun, Park Sung-woo, Kim Tae-dong, Justin, Kim Dong-han, and Lee Jun-woo) receiving the show's first-ever encore call.[22]

Episode 7 (May 19, 2017)[edit]

The remaining seven teams perform their respective stages and rehearsals for the groups are shown. After the last performance, the contestants are shown their overall ranking based on their positions. The additional 10,000 points are given to 12 contestants for receiving the highest points on their respective group and the extra 100,000 points to Lee Gun-hee, Noh Tae-hyun, and Kim Jong-hyun for receiving the highest points in vocal, dance, and rap position respectively.[23]

Episode 8 (May 26, 2017)[edit]

The episode opens with BoA treating the contestants to pizza before she temporarily goes overseas during the Position Evaluation filming. Sometime after the performances and before the ranking announcement on May 12, BoA gathers the boys informing them about the coming elimination round (where contestants ranking 36 onwards would get eliminated). She then introduces the next challenge: Concept Evaluation. She introduces the five songs: Hyuk Shin's "I Know You Know" (Synth-pop/Funk), Veethoven, Oh Sunghwan, Kiggen and ASSBRASS's "Oh Little Girl" (Hip Hop), ASHTRAY & KINGMAKER's "Show Time" (Nu-disco), Devine-Channel's "Open Up (열어줘)" (Future EDM), and Triple H's "Never" (Deep house). Group formations are based on the viewers' poll which was first introduced at the end of Episode 5. The top 12 trainees voted for each song are assigned to the songs first. Due to voting manipulation controversies, however, Kang Daniel, Lee Ki-won, and Kim Dong-bin are banned from their alleged preferred songs. After they are given their designated songs, the formed groups started to rehearse.

The second elimination round takes place during the second half of the episode with the remaining 58 contestants from each company are seen entering the main studio by company. Names of the top 35 trainees are called by BoA one by one starting from rank 34. In between the second elimination round, a mini contest of who punches the strongest is conducted. Kang Dong-ho is given the title "Punching King". Kim Jong-hyun receives the 1st place in the ranking announcement while Kim Dong-han ranks 35th, just escaping elimination.[24]

Episode 9 (June 2, 2017)[edit]

BoA announces that since there is an uneven distribution of members after the last elimination, groups with more than 7 people need to vote on who stays. The remaining groups, which have less than 7 people after the elimination, pick from the members who were voted out. All the composers for the concept evaluation songs visit the trainees and they perform in front of the composers. This episode shows the live performances for all five concept evaluations. "Open Up (열어줘)" group (composed of Kang Daniel, Kang Dong-ho, Kim Yong-guk, Joo Hak-nyeon, Yoo Seon-ho, Takada Kenta, and Lim Young-min) received an encore call and afterwards was also declared the winner of the concept evaluation, resulting in at least 20,000 benefit votes for each member, with the person from that group with the most votes, winning 100,000 benefit votes, to be revealed in the next elimination (Kang Dong-ho and Kang Daniel are the two candidates for 1st place). In addition, the group will also perform on M! Countdown.

Episode 10 (June 9, 2017)[edit]

The episode opens with the remaining 35 contestants from each company entering the main studio. Amidst the eliminations, the trainees participate in a question relay and a team game event where "Open Up (열어줘)" group emerges as the winner. They are also asked to vote for the top 6 pick for the debut team in the trainees among them, with MMO Entertainment's Yoon Ji-sung taking 1st place and Kang Daniel, Jung Se-woon, Park Ji-hoon, Ong Seong-woo, and Park Woo-jin taking 2nd to 6th place respectively. At the elimination, BoA reveals that only 20 trainees will advance to the final stage. Kang Daniel is announced as the overall winner of the concept evaluation, winning 100,000 benefit votes. With ranks 19 to 3 revealed, Kang Daniel and Park Ji-hoon are called up as the contenders for 1st place, with Kang Daniel revealed to be 1st in the overall rank as well. The contenders for 20th place are then called up, Choon Entertainment's Kim Yong-guk and Cube Entertainment's Lai Guan-lin, with Lai Guan-lin, whose massive rank drop surprised everyone, surviving the elimination.

With the top 20 confirmed, BoA announces the next and final mission – the debut song evaluation. She introduces "Hands on Me" (produced by The Underdogs and Deez) and "Super Hot" (produced by Ryan Jhun) as the final line-up's debut songs. She explains that they will be split into two teams of 10, each team composed of one main vocal, six to seven sub vocals, and two to three rappers. The trainees choose their positions beginning with rank 20 up to 1, with the higher ranked trainees being given the advantage of replacing the lower ranked trainees and bumping them into another position. Due to voting manipulation controversies, 17th place Lim Young-min had to choose his position first as a penalty. After positions are confirmed, the trainees begin practicing the choreography and memorizing the lyrics in preparation for the final stage.

Episode 11 (June 16, 2017)[edit]

The episode begins showing the boy's audition tapes, as well as their final confessional interviews. An announcement is then made that viewers will now be able to send SMS votes for one trainee only, which will be added to the online votes in order to determine the final line-up. The debut evaluation starts off with the eliminated trainees joining the top 20 trainees for a performance of "It's Me (Pick Me)". BoA then reveals that the debut group will be named Wanna One (Hangul: 워너원).

The episode cuts to the boys performing in two groups. "Super Hot" group (composed of Ha Sung-woon, Kim Samuel, Kang Dong-ho, Yoo Seon-ho, Ahn Hyung-seob, Lee Dae-hwi, Choi Min-ki, Lim Young-min, Kim Jong-hyun, and Lai Guan-lin) performs first with Ha Sung-woon as the center of the group, followed by "Hands on Me" group (composed of Kim Jae-hwan, Kang Daniel, Ong Seong-woo, Bae Jin-young, Hwang Min-hyun, Jung Se-woon, Joo Hak-nyeon, Yoon Ji-sung, Park Woo-jin, and Park Ji-hoon) with Bae Jin-young as the center of the group. After the performances, a segment is shown during which trainees watch videos left by their families, some of which surprise the trainees by visiting them in person. The top 20 trainees also perform together a special song titled "Always (이 자리에)" as a commemoration of their time throughout the competition.

Voting comes to a close, and ranking announcements begin. Bae Jin-young, Hwang Min-hyun, Yoon Ji-sung, Lai Guan-lin, Park Woo-jin, Ong Seong-woo, Kim Jae-hwan, and Lee Dae-hwi are announced as 10th to 3rd place, respectively, confirming them for debut. The top 2 trainees are revealed to be Kang Daniel and Park Ji-hoon once again. Kang Daniel once again receives the most votes, confirming his position as the center for Wanna One, with Park Ji-hoon in 2nd place. Finally, 11th place Ha Sung-woon is announced as the final member.



Title Year Peak positions Sales Album

"It's Me (Pick Me)" (나야 나) 2017 26 40 Non-album single
"Show Time" (It's) 25 89 35 Boys 5 Concepts
"I Know You Know" (Boys Under the Moonlight) 21 91
"Open Up" (열어줘) (Knock) 10 52
"Oh Little Girl" (Slate) 7 40
"Never" (Nation's Son) 2 18
"Hands on Me" 11 44 Produce 101 – Final
"Super Hot" 19 63
"Always" (이 자리에) 17 66


According to Ilgan Sports, the staff of Produce 101 Season 2 have tried to find a trainee who talked to the media about discrimination of the trainees by grade ranking. Ilgan Sports reported that trainees encountered discrimination, such as level-determined permission to go to the bathroom and eat different meals. Also, there are issues about boys who bullied other students and plagiarism of choreography.[35]

Maroo Entertainment's Han Jong-youn left the show due to a serious bullying and sexual assault scandal. An alleged former classmate accused Han Jong-youn of making him masturbate in front of his friends, forcing him to fight with his friends, and locking him in the cleaning equipment room.[36]

YGKPLUS's Kwon Hyun-bin deleted all of his Instagram posts after they were flooded with negative comments. This was in response to the show's fourth episode, in which Kwon was seen as unmotivated and received harsh criticism from the trainers for a lack of practice, but despite this his team won the live performance battle and he received the highest score out of both teams. During the performance, the trainers commented that the group was "ready to debut". After the performance, Kwon Hyun-bin stated that "I'm here because I really want to debut as a singer" and "I've put everything on the line for this". Despite having received the most votes, netizens criticized Kwon Hyun-bin for his "lack of sincerity".[37]

The Vibe Label's Ha Min-ho allegedly tried to engage in sexual relationships with minors. Screenshots of Instagram and Facebook conversations between him and minor fans were posted online, and he was also accused of sexually harassing and bullying an ex-girlfriend in middle school.[38] After discussion with Mnet, he left the show and canceled his contract with his label.[39]

Voting manipulation[edit]

In the concept song round of the show, four contestants were accused of cheating by trying to manipulate a vote to determine which song they would perform. MMO Entertainment's Kang Daniel reportedly indicated which song he preferred by altering the number of cat emojis in his Instagram biography at the request of a fanpost on a community site. Mnet decided to penalize the trainees that failed to follow the rules by banning them from choosing the songs in question.[40]

2Y Entertainment's Lee Ki-won was accused of hinting at his song preference by posting "Oh Ki Won> Sa Ki Won Sam Ki Won Lee Ki Won" on Instagram. His agency released a statement saying that Lee would be banned from using social media until the show was over. A subsequent statement said that the posts in question were made by the agency in an attempt to increase Lee's popularity while he was allegedly sleeping and unaware.[41]

Kiwi Media Group's Kim Dong-bin was also involved, through screenshots of KakaoTalk messages in which Kim's father asked his fanclub's president to promote "Never" or "Open Up" as the concept song for Kim Dong-bin.[42]

Brand New Music's Lim Young-min was later implicated through screenshots of a KakaoTalk chatroom of fans, which revealed that Lim's brother had asked his friend to inform the fans in the chatroom that Lim wanted the songs "Never" and "Oh Little Girl" for his concept song. As this incident was not caught until after the recording of concept evaluation, Lim was penalized with a different penalty during the following evaluation.[43]


The top 11 contestants were determined by online and onsite voting, the results of which were announced at the end of each episode. The top 11 contestants at the final vote determined the final group. For the first and second voting periods, viewers were allowed to select 11 trainees per vote. During the third round, the system changed to 2 trainees per vote. For the final round, the system changed to one trainee per vote. Unlike the previous season, only those with South Korean mobile phone numbers were allowed to vote under a CJ One or TMON account to prevent voting fraud.[44]

Color key
       New Top 11
# Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 8 Episode 10 Episode 11
1 Park Ji-hoon Park Ji-hoon = Park Ji-hoon = Park Ji-hoon = Kim Jong-hyun ↑7 Kim Jong-hyun = Kang Daniel ↑7 Kang Daniel =
2 Jang Moon-bok Kim Samuel ↑4 Lee Dae-hwi ↑1 Kim Samuel ↑1 Kang Daniel ↑3 Lai Kuan-lin ↑3 Park Ji-hoon ↑1 Park Ji-hoon =
3 Lee Dae-hwi Lee Dae-hwi = Kim Samuel ↓1 Yoon Ji-sung ↑6 Park Ji-hoon ↓2 Park Ji-hoon = Ha Sung-woon ↑22 Lee Dae-hwi ↑7
4 Joo Hak-nyeon Ong Seong-wu ↑4 Ong Seong-wu = Ong Seong-wu = Hwang Min-hyun ↑7 Lee Dae-hwi ↑6 Bae Jin-young ↑8 Kim Jae-hwan ↑9
5 Bae Jin-young Jang Moon-bok ↓3 Ahn Hyung-seob ↑2 Kang Daniel ↑7 Lai Kuan-lin ↑4 Lim Young-min ↑7 Kim Samuel ↑11 Ong Seong-wu ↑3
6 Kim Samuel Lai Kuan-lin ↑4 Joo Hak-nyeon ↑2 Ahn Hyung-seob ↓1 Ong Seong-wu ↓2 Hwang Min-hyun ↓2 Park Woo-jin ↑8 Park Woo-jin =
7 Ahn Hyung-seob Ahn Hyung-seob = Lai Kuan-lin ↓1 Lee Dae-hwi ↓5 Kim Jae-hwan ↑9 Ong Seong-wu ↓1 Kim Jong-hyun ↓6 Lai Kuan-lin ↑13
8 Ong Seong-wu Joo Hak-nyeon ↓4 Jang Moon-bok ↓3 Kim Jong-hyun ↑5 Kang Dong-ho ↑12 Kang Daniel ↓6 Ong Seong-wu ↓1 Yoon Ji-sung ↑1
9 Lee Eui-woong Hwang Min-hyun ↑2 Yoon Ji-sung ↑10 Lai Kuan-lin ↓2 Joo Hak-nyeon ↑1 Kim Jae-hwan ↓2 Yoon Ji-sung ↑6 Hwang Min-hyun ↑2
10 Lai Kuan-lin Lee Eui-woong ↓1 Bae Jin-young ↑2 Joo Hak-nyeon ↓4 Lee Dae-hwi ↓3 Joo Hak-nyeon ↓1 Lee Dae-hwi ↓6 Bae Jin-young ↓6
11 Hwang Min-hyun Kim Jong-hyun ↑4 Jeong Se-woon ↑6 Hwang Min-hyun ↑5 Yoo Seon-ho ↑6 Kang Dong-ho ↓3 Hwang Min-hyun ↓5 Ha Sung-woon ↓8

First voting period[edit]

# Episode 1[45]
(Online votes)
Episode 2[46]
(Online votes)
Episode 3[47]
(Online votes)
Episode 4[48]
(Live votes)
Episode 5[49]
(Total votes)
Name Votes Name Votes
1 Park Ji-hoon Park Ji-hoon Park Ji-hoon Park Woo-dam 3,270 Park Ji-hoon 1,044,197
2 Jang Moon-bok Kim Samuel Lee Dae-hwi Kim Tae-dong 3,180 Kim Samuel 863,861
3 Lee Dae-hwi Lee Dae-hwi Kim Samuel Ahn Hyung-seob 3,163 Yoon Ji-sung 844,829
4 Joo Hak-nyeon Ong Seong-wu Ong Seong-wu Choi Min-ki 3,157 Ong Seong-wu 819,186
5 Bae Jin-young Jang Moon-bok Ahn Hyung-seob Kwon Hyun-bin 3,142 Kang Daniel 817,245
6 Kim Samuel Lai Kuan-lin Joo Hak-nyeon Takada Kenta 3,133 Ahn Hyung-seob 810,639
7 Ahn Hyung-seob Ahn Hyung-seob Lai Kuan-lin Jang Moon-bok 3,123 Lee Dae-hwi 809,484
8 Ong Seong-wu Joo Hak-nyeon Jang Moon-bok Yoon Hee-seok 3,121 Kim Jong-hyun 752,149
9 Lee Eui-woong Hwang Min-hyun Yoon Ji-sung Park Ji-hoon 3,113 Lai Kuan-lin 717,275
10 Lai Kuan-lin Lee Eui-woong Bae Jin-young Lee Ki-won 3,112 Joo Hak-nyeon 703,391
11 Hwang Min-hyun Kim Jong-hyun Jung Sae-woon Hwang Min-hyun 3,108 Hwang Min-hyun 680,322


  • On Episode 4, an additional 3000 points are given to the boys of the winning teams.
  • The ranking for Episode 5 is the result of combining online votes and live votes from the previous episode.

Second voting period[edit]

# Episode 6[50]
(Online votes)
Episode 7[51]
(Live votes)
Episode 8[52]
(Total votes)
Name Votes Name Votes
1 Kim Jong-hyun Lee Gun-hee 110,717 Kim Jong-hyun 2,795,491
2 Kang Daniel Kim Jong-hyun 110,665 Lai Kuan-lin 2,202,665
3 Park Ji-hoon Roh Tae-hyun 110,621 Park Ji-hoon 2,181,840
4 Hwang Min-hyun Lim Young-min 10,651 Lee Dae-hwi 2,095,314
5 Lai Kuan-lin Yoo Seon-ho 10,642 Lim Young-min 2,011,798
6 Ong Seong-wu Kim Yong-guk 10,633 Hwang Min-hyun 2,004,207
7 Kim Jae-hwan Kim Jae-hwan 10,622 Ong Seong-wu 1,998,849
8 Kang Dong-ho Jeong Se-woon 10,584 Kang Daniel 1,948,847
9 Joo Hak-nyeon Joo Hak-nyeon 10,581 Kim Jae-hwan 1,822,842
10 Lee Dae-hwi Park Woo-jin 10,542 Joo Hak-nyeon 1,629,176
11 Yoo Seon-ho Jung Jung 10,537 Kang Dong-ho 1,585,712


  • On Episode 7, an additional 10,000 points were given to the winner of each group while 100,000 points were given to the winner of each category (Lee Gun-Hee from RBW in vocal position, Kim Jong-Hyun from PLEDIS in rap position and Roh Tae-hyun from Ardor&Able in dance position).

Third voting period[edit]

# Episode 9[53]
(Live votes)
Episode 10[54]
(Total votes)
Name Votes Name Votes
1 Kang Daniel 100,205 Kang Daniel 828,148
2 Kang Dong-ho 20,078 Park Ji-hoon 630,198
3 Joo Hak-nyeon 20,071 Ha Sung-woon 413,654
4 Yu Seon-ho 20,059 Bae Jin-young 389,982
5 Kim Yong-guk 20,058 Kim Samuel 378,491
6 Lim Young-min 20,057 Park Woo-jin 372,493
7 Takada Kenta 20,024 Kim Jong-hyun 367,052
8 Park Ji-hoon 182 Ong Seong-wu 358,656
9 Park Woo-jin 95 Yoon Ji-sung 333,974
10 Hwang Min-hyun 91 Lee Dae-hwi 325,990
11 Bae Jin-young 82 Hwang Min-hyun 315,650


  • On Episode 9, an additional 20,000 points were given to each member of the winning group except for the one with the most votes, who received an additional 100,000 points instead. First and second place were announced in Episode 10.


During the last episode aired on June 16, 2017, BoA announced the unit boy band's name: Wanna One (Hangul: 워너원).

# Episode 11 (Total votes)
Name Votes Company
1 Kang Daniel 1,578,837 MMO Entertainment
2 Park Ji-hoon 1,136,014 Maroo
3 Lee Dae-hwi 1,102,005 Brand New Music
4 Kim Jae-hwan 1,051,735 Individual Trainee
5 Ong Seong-woo 984,756 Fantagio
6 Park Woo-jin 937,379 Brand New Music
7 Lai Guan-lin 905,875 Cube Entertainment
8 Yoon Ji-sung 902,098 MMO Entertainment
9 Hwang Min-hyun 862,719 Pledis
10 Bae Jin-young 807,749 C9
11 Ha Sung-woon 790,302 Ardor & Able


In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen TNmS
Nationwide[55] Seoul National Capital Area[56] Nationwide[57]
1 April 7, 2017 1.638% 1.606% 2.1%
2 April 14, 2017 1.912% 1.972% 2.5%
3 April 21, 2017 2.260% 2.142% 3.2%
4 April 28, 2017 2.321% 2.392% 3.0%
5 May 5, 2017 3.001% 2.746% 3.9%
6 May 12, 2017 3.054% 2.779% 4.4%
7 May 19, 2017 3.096% 3.166% 4.2%
8 May 26, 2017 3.275% 3.361% 4.8%
9 June 2, 2017 2.966% 2.514% 4.5%
10 June 9, 2017 3.927% 4.147% 4.9%
11 June 16, 2017 5.197% 5.088% 6.4%
Average 2.968% 2.901% 4.0%

International broadcast[edit]

  • In Japan, the first episode of Produce 101 Season 2 aired on Mnet Japan starting on May 25, 2017, followed by 11 episodes every Thursday night at 1:00 AM (Friday dawn).
  • In the Asia and Australia region, the first episode of Produce 101 Season 2 aired via tvN Asia on April 25, 2017, followed by 11 episodes every Tuesday at 23:00.


Other contestants
  • JBJ was formed by fans of the show, the group consisted of 7 eliminated trainees, but The Vibe Label's Kim Tae-dong (30th)[84][85][86] was not confirmed participation in the group because of an ongoing conflict with his agency.[87] JBJ later debuted with six-members and released their EP Fantasy on October 18, 2017.[88] They actively promoted for seven months under Fave Entertainment and CJ E&M. The group's held their final concert on April 22, 2018, and disbanded on April 30, 2018.[89]
    • Kim Yong-guk (21st) debuted solo with Friday N Night on August 29, 2018.
    • Kwon Hyun-bin (22nd) debuted solo with Dimension under stage name VINNI on August 19, 2019.
    • Takada Kenta (24th) formed a duo with Kim Sang-gyun, JBJ95.
    • Noh Tae-hyun (25th) debuted solo with Birthday on January 24, 2019.
    • Kim Sang-gyun (26th) formed a duo with Kenta, JBJ95.
    • Kim Dong-han (29th) debuted solo with D-Night on October 2018.
  • Star Road Entertainment's Takada Kenta (24th) had participated to released OST for MBC drama Lookout,[90] KBS daily drama Lovers in Bloom, MBC daily drama Return of Bok Dan Ji .[91]
  • Rainz was formed by 7 eliminated trainees and released their EP Sunshine on October 12, 2017. They actively promoted under KISS Entertainment for over a year. The group disbanded on October 28, 2018.
    • WH Creative's Seo Sung-hyuk (31st) debuted solo with Good Night, My Dear on September 24, 2019 under Think About Entertainment.
    • GON Entertainment's Hong Eun-ki (38th) debuted solo with Blow on July 19, 2019.
    • K-Tigers' Byun Hyun-min (45th) debuted in co-ed group K-TIGERS ZERO with Huiroaerak on September 19, 2019.
    • C2K Entertainment's Kim Sung-ri (47th) debuted solo with First Love on April 15, 2019.
    • 2Y Entertainment's Lee Ki-won (53rd)
    • 2Able Entertainment's Joo Won-tak (62nd) debuted solo with In The Light on November 25, 2018.
    • Oui Entertainment's Jang Dae-hyun (83rd) debuted solo with Feel Good on August 24, 2019.
  • Brand New Music's Im Young-min (15th) and Kim Dong-hyun (28th) known as MXM teamed up with Starship Entertainment's Jung Se-woon (12th) and Lee Gwang-hyun (44th) formed special unit, YDPP released digital single "Love It Live It" on April 5, 2018.
  • Some trainees debuted/joined with groups:
    • Kang Dong-ho (13th), Kim Jong-hyun (14th), and Choi Min-Ki (20th) returned to NU'EST[92]
    • Noh Tae-hyun (25th) returned to HOTSHOT.
    • Media Line Entertainment's Lee Woo-jin (34th) returned to The East Light.
    • Kim Tae-woo (49th) returned to his band Rion Five. He helped band Chic Angel in the promotion of the song "Good Day".
    • Son Dong-myung (68th) returned to his group MAS, later participating in KBS survival program The Unit with his bandmates. They redebuted as ONEWE on May 13, 2019.[93]
    • Choi Ha-don (85th) and Kim Chan-yul (78th) returned to JJCC.
    • FNC Entertainment's Yoo Hoe-seung (39th) joined N.Flying.[94]
    • Happy Face Entertainment (ex HF Music Company)'s Jeong Won-cheol (95th) joined
    • Individual Trainee Kim Chan (82nd), Narda Entertainment's Kim Tae-woo (49th), K-Tigers's Byun Hyun-min (45th), RBW's Choi Jae-woo (97th) made a fan-meeting and released their single "Present", on July 14, 2017.
    • Choon Entertainment's Kim Yong-guk (21st) and Kim Shi-hyun debuted as a unit group called Longguo & Shihyun on July 31, 2017 with release of their EP the.the.the.[95]
    • S.How Entertainment's Jung Dong-soo (36th) and Kim Nam-hyung (52nd) debuted as a duo called AA on August 3, 2017 with release of their single "Flex".[96][97]
    • Brand New Music's Im Young-min (15th) and Kim Dong-hyun (28th) debuted as a unit group called MXM on September 6, 2017 with release of their EP "Unmix".[98] Both of them, alongside former Wanna One members Park Woo-jin and Lee Dae-hwi, debuted as members of Brand New's boy group AB6IX with their debut EP, B Complete, on May 22.[69]
    • Gini Star's Park Hee-Seok (86th), Wang Min-Hyuk (89th) and Kim Do-Hyun (92nd) debuted in a seven-membered group, BAIKAL on September 21, 2017 with the song "Hiccup"
    • Yuehua Entertainment formed special unit for Ahn Hyung-seob (16th) and Lee Eui-woong (23rd) known as Hyeongseop X Euiwoong who released their single album on November 2[99]
    • Cre.ker Entertainment's Ju Hak-nyeon (19th) debuted in a twelve-membered group, The Boyz on December 6, 2017 with release EP "The First".[100]
    • ONO Entertainment's Jang Moon-vok (27th) and The Vibe Label's Seong Hyun-woo (61st) released single "Don't Be Afraid" on December 8, 2017. They Then Debut As A Member Of LIMITLESS Along With Yoon Heeseok ( 46th ) With The Single "DreamPlay"
    • I.One Entertainment (later known as Luk Factory) is Kim Yeon-kook (76th), Ryu Ho-yeon (87th), Choi Hee-soo (96th) and Nam Yun-sung debuted in a nine-membered group, NOIR on April 9, 2018.[101]
    • Blessing Entertainment's Im Woo-hyuk (66th) and Yoo Jin-won (75th) debuted as a duo called UNLOCK on November 24, 2017 with a release of their digital single "Slide to UNLOCK".
    • MMO Entertainment's Kim Jae-han (81st) signed with WYNN Entertainment and debuted as a member of SPECTRUM on May 5, 2018 with a release of their EP "Be Born".
    • RBW's Choi Jae-woo (97th) signed with JFLO Entertainment and debuted as a member of NewKidd02 on July 25, 2018 with single "Shooting Star".
    • Individual Trainees Choi Dong-ha (63rd) and Kim Chan (82nd) joined DS&A Entertainment. Now they are preparing for the debut in the band A-TEEN.
    • Maroo Entertainment's Han Jong-yeon debuted as a member of LUCENTE on September 18, 2018 with a release of their EP "The Big Dipper ".
    • HF Music Company's Woo Jin-young (40th), Park Woo-dam (35th) and Jung Yoojun released their song "You Are Pretty" as trio HNB on December 2, 2018. The three officially debuted in 5-member boy group D1CE on August 1, 2019 with Wake Up: Roll The World.
    • RBW's Lee Keon-hee (33rd), Yeo Hwan-ung (41st) and Lee Gun-min (94th) (now his name is Lee Seo Ho) debuted as a members of ONEUS on January 9, 2019 with a release of their EP "LIGHT US".
    • Wings Entertainment's Kim Yong-jin (56th) debuted as a members of AWEEK on January 31, 2019 with single "The More I See".
  • Some trainees debuted as soloists:
    • STL Entertainment's Choi Jun-young (90th) released a solo single as Jooen, "101" on June 29, 2017.
    • ONO Entertainment's Jang Moon-bok (27th) released a solo single as JMVOK, "Let's Walk Together" (featuring Hwang A-young), on July 20, 2017.[102]
    • Brave Entertainment's Kim Samuel (18th) released his solo EP Sixteen on August 2, 2017.[103]
    • Starship Entertainment's Jung Se-woon (12th) released his solo EP Part 1. Ever on August 31, 2017.[104] Lee Gwang-hyun (44th) featured in one of the mini-album's songs, "오! 나의 여신 (Oh! My Angel)".
    • Wings Entertainment's Kim Yong-jin (56th) released a solo single, "Alt+F4" on December 21, 2017. Jeong Dong-su (36th) featured this song.
    • Individual Trainee Kim Sang-been (48th) joined 12%MUSIC and released a solo single as BIL, "Juicy" on December, 2017.
    • Cube Entertainment's Yoo Seon-ho (17th) released his EP Spring, Seonho on April 11, 2018.
    • Choon Entertainment's Kim Yong-guk (21st) released a solo single, "Clover" on June 13, 2018.
    • S How Entertainment's Jeong Dong-su (36th) released a solo single as ARKAY, "너 때문에ㅠㅠ" on June 18, 2018.
    • OUI Entertainment's Kim Dong-han (29th) release his EP "D-DAY" on June 19, 2018.[105]
    • Finecut Entertainment's Joo Jin-woo (41st) (ex MMO Entertainment) released a solo single, "EVER" on July 19, 2018.
    • 2Able Entertainment's Joo Won-tak (62nd) released a solo single, "IN THE LIGHT" on November 26, 2018.
  • Some eliminated trainees left their agencies:
    • Kim Ye-hyun (32nd) left WIDMAY Entertainment to focus on his studies.[106]
    • Joo Jin-woo (41st) left MMO Entertainment. He later signed with Finecut Entertainment to pursue his career as an actor.[107]
    • Yoon Hee-seok (46th) left Jellyfish Entertainment.[108] He later signed with ONO Entertainment.[109]
    • Kim Dong-bin (58th) left Kiwi Media Group to focus on his studies but returned to the label on September 4, 2017.[110] He later joined MLD Entertainment and participated in Produce X101.
    • Seong Hyun-woo (61st) left The Vibe Label and later signed to ONO Entertainment on November 1, 2017.[111]
    • Jung Joong-ji (64th) left WAYZ Company and later signed with Think Technique Laboratory.[112]
    • Kwon Hyeop (65th) left Maroo Entertainment.[113]
    • Lee Hoo-lim (80th) left YGKPlus and later signed to Daydream Entertainment.
    • Kim Jae-han (81st) left MMO Entertainment. He later signed with WYNN Entertainment and debuted as a member of SPECTRUM.
    • Cho Gyu-min (88th) left IMX.
    • Jeong Won-cheol (95th) left HF Music Company (now Happy Face Entertainment) and later signed with MY Entertainment.
    • Choi Hee-soo (96th) left I.One Entertainment (later known as Luk Factory).
    • Choi Jae-woo (97th) left RBW Entertainment.[114]
  • Some trainees debuted as actors:
    • HIM Entertainment's Park Sung-woo (37th) pursue his acting career[115] with starred in a web drama series, The Omniscient Viewpoint on Crushes, as part of the main cast in early July 2017.[116]
    • Hanahreum Company's Kim Tae-min (59th) announced that he would pursue an acting career.[117]
    • Namoo Actors' Lee Yoo-Jin (54th) starred in the JTBC drama Age of Youth 2 after SHINee member Onew left due to his controversy.[118]
    • Cube Entertainment's Yu Seon-ho (17th) and Yuehua Entertainment's Ahn Hyung-seob (16th) started in a web drama, Mischievous Detective, alongside Apink's Namjoo. It will be broadcast on Naver TV in September 2017.[119]
  • Some trainees participated in other survival show:
    • HF Music Company's Woo Jin-young (40th), Banana Entertainment's Yoon Yong-bin (73rd), HF Music Company's Jo Yong-geun (93rd), RBW's Lee Gun-min (94th) and Maroo Entertainment's Han Jong-yeon joined Mix Nine, where only Woo Jin-young make it into debut group. The group's debut was cancelled in May 2018.
    • Woo Jinyoung also joined Show Me The Money 8. He was eliminated in the rapper selection round, but passed the second judging. He was later eliminated in the One Minute Rap Round. He debuted in the boy group D1CE.
    • Yuehua Entertainment's Justin (43rd) and Zhu Zheng-Ting (51st) joined Chinese survival show Idol Producer in 2018 and became a part of the final line-up for the Chinese boy group, Nine Percent. They Also Debuted In Chinese Boy Group NEX7.
    • Kiwi Media Group's Kim Dong-Bin (59th) joined Produce X101. with a new company called MLD Entertainment. He finished #42 in the show.
    • Yuehua Entertainment's Choi Seung-hyeok (79th) Left The Label, And Announced To Participate Another Mnet Survival Show I-LAND ( Co-Produced With Big Hit Label ) Under A New Name "Choi Se-on"

Vote manipulation investigation[edit]

In December 2019, it was revealed that producing director Ahn Joon-young and chief producer Kim Yong-bum had swapped rankings for one trainee who was supposed to debut in Wanna One with another trainee who was not originally in the debut lineup.[120] They also swapped rankings for one trainee who had originally passed the first elimination with a trainee who originally did not make the cutoff.[120] Ahn and Kim were eventually indicted on suspicions of obstruction of business and fraud later that month.[121]

In June 2020, the charges of fraud were dropped by The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, citing lack of evidence.[121]



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