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The Produnova is an artistic gymnastics vault consisting of a front handspring onto the vaulting horse and two front somersaults in a tucked position off it. Under the 2017 Code of Points (artistic gymnastics) the vault has a 6.4 D-score,[1] and is considered one of the hardest vaults performed in women's artistic gymnastics.[2] It has the same D-score as the Biles vault. It is named after Yelena Produnova of Russia, who was the first person to complete it successfully in 1999.[3] This vault is also called the "vault of death" due to its difficulty and likelihood of injury.[4][5][6]

Gymnasts who have successfully completed the Produnova[edit]

Gymnasts who have attempted the Produnova[edit]

  • Choe Jong Sil (PRK): 1980 Olympics, landed on her back[13][14]
  • Yekaterina Tsvetkova (RUS): 2012 Voronin Cup, landed on her back[15]


Controversy was sparked after Fadwa Mahmoud's first competitive Produnova attempt, where she nearly landed on her neck.

As long as the gymnast lands on her feet first, she will get credit for the vault, and because of the Produnova's massive difficulty value, it is easy to get a high score even with poor execution.[16] There have been calls for the Produnova vault to be banned due to the high level of risk.[17]

In the Code of Points that will come into effect in 2017, the vault has been reduced in value to a D-score of 6.4, with poor landings of it specifically penalised in section 10.4 of the Code. If a gymnast attempts the vault but lands on her feet and any other body part simultaneously, then the second somersault will be regarded as incomplete and the vault will only be credited as a front handspring onto the vault and a single front somersault off it.[18]


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