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Mohan Singh (1905–1978) was a noted Indian poet[1] of [P unjabi language] and academic, and one of the early pioneers of modern Punjabi poetry.


Born on 20th October 1905[2]at Mardan (now in Pakistan), Mohan Singh spent the early years of his life at his ancestral village Dhamial (Rawalpindi). His poem Kuri Pathohar Di is reminiscent of his romantic early days.[3] He obtained a Master's degree in Persian and started his career as a Lecturer in Persian, Urdu and Punjabi at Khalsa College, Amritsarin 1933.[4][5] He was well read in English, Persian and Urdu literatures.[6] At Amritsar, Teja Singh, Sant Singh Sekhon, Gurbachan Singh 'Talib' became his friends. In 1940, he joined as a lecturer in the Sikh National College, Lahore, but after some time he left the job and started a firm, Hind Publishers to promote the literary standards of Punjabi publications. In 1939, he started his famous literary Punjabi monthly, Panj darya. After Partition In 1947 he shifted his business to Amritsar and then to Jullundur, but ultimately he closed down the firm. Then he became the teacher in Khalsa College, Patiala.[7] Later, he worked as Professor Emeritus at the Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana from 1970 to 1974 and made this industrial town of Punjab his home towards the end of his life. He died on 3 May 1978 at Ludhiana.


Prof Mohan Singh gave Punjabi poetry collections like Sanve Pattar(The Green Leaves), Buhe (Doors)and Jindran (Locks), a total of 10 poetry books and one Mahakavya.[8]

Prof. Mohan Singh Mela[edit]

Prof Mohan Singh Memorial International Cultural Mela was organized every year by Prof Mohan Singh Memorial Foundation.[17]

village Nanoki Nabha[edit]

Prof.Mohan Singh Mela is going to organize at Village Nanoki in Nabha District, It is One of the best Little Modern Solo Village,The credit of bringing this village to the international map goes to Sardar Abninder Singh Grewal an artist and industrialist. This village is bought up by Late Sardar Metab Singh Grewal Minister in His Excellency Sardar Hira Singh King of Nabha Kingdom.


He received Sahitya Akademi award in 1959 Wadda Vela (Poetry).[18]

Modern Punjabi poetry[edit]

Prof. Mohan Singh was known as the father of modern Punjabi poetry. The other poets who contributed significantly to the growth of modern Punjabi poetry in the initial years include Amrita Pritam, Harbhajan Singh and Shiv Kumar Batalvi. Mohan Singh has been hailed as the greatest Punjabi poet of the 20th century[19]

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