Professional Amigos of Comic Art Society

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Professional Amigos of Comic Art Society
Pacas characters.jpg
Promotional artwork showcasing different characters related to the PACAS group. Art by Richard Dominguez.
Formation 1995
Extinction c. 1998
Type Comics professionals organization
Legal status Defunct
Region served
United States of America
Comic book professionals

The Professional Amigos of Comic Art Society (P.A.C.A.S. or PACAS, the Spanish word "pacas" meaning "bundle of goods") is a defunct American non-profit organization formed by several independent comic book and cartoon creators in 1995.[1][2]

The group disbanded a few years after its inception.

Mission statement[edit]


Original founders include creators Richard Dominguez, Carlos Saldaña, Jose Martinez, and Fernando Rodriguez.[4] The majority of members lived in California, leaving Dominguez (who lived in Texas) as the self-described "lonely Tejano", but the group was also associated with Oscar Loya and the ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio group from Mexico.

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