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The Professional Boxing Association

The purpose of the Professional Boxing Association is to license and supervise both Professional Boxing (through the BDF Sanction) and Non-professional Boxing (through the PBA Sanction), so that ultimately, boxers compete in a safe, well-structured environment, under tightly regulated ringside supervision with full medical personnel in attendance, including full Personal Injury Insurance.

There are many Organisations and Promoters running shows throughout the U.K. with very little to no Medical Supervision and/or Insurance with boxers who don’t have even have a basic medical. This is simply reckless and no way to operate in terms of the boxer’s health, well being and safety.

By becoming a member of our Association, Promoters can be assured that their Boxers will be competing in the safest environment possible. Our medical is very similar to an amateur boxers medical and our Professional Boxers Medical is to the standard required internationally by all properly constituted governing bodies. Our aim is to licence and supervise Non-Professional and Professional Shows with the prime emphasis being on boxer safety, as this is of course paramount.

The British & International Masters Championship

The Masters Championship provides boxers with valuable experience over championship distances, prior to moving on to bigger and more lucrative titles. Many former Masters Champions have gone on to become British, Commonwealth and World Champions. In the case of Ricky Burns, a former International Masters Champion, who went on to win a WBO & WBA World Title.

Contestants are given at least 30 days’ notice so that their is sufficient time to get in condition. Very often, the Masters Championship is the first championship title the two boxers have participated in, so are intensely contested fights. The Masters Championship is now well established in Professional Boxing and staged up and down the country on a regular basis.

BDF Sanction

The Professional Boxing Association (PBA) is the UK and Ireland representative office for The Bund Deutscher Faustkämpfer (BDF) who are based in Germany.

The BDF provides licenses for Professional Boxers, Promoters, Managers, Trainers, Matchmakers, MC’s, Seconds, Referees, Supervisors and Inspectors to officiate and work on Professional Boxing shows worldwide.

The BDF tightly regulates its shows to ensure the absolute safety of the participants. Professional Boxers licensed by the BDF conform to the rules of the BDF and the Unified Rules of Professional Boxing.

The BDF works closely with the IBO, IBF, WBO, WBA, WBFed and EBC, to ensure its members/boxers are able to progress through the ranks and to the Senior Championships available to Professional Boxers.

By becoming a member of the BDF, as well as holding a globally recognised license, you can be assured that you are working with a properly regulated and constituted Governing Body who provides every one of its members with Personal Injury Insurance, along with strict ringside medical supervision.