Professional Performing Arts School

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Professional Performing Arts School
328 West 48th St.

United States
Coordinates40°45′42″N 73°59′19″W / 40.761536°N 73.988506°W / 40.761536; -73.988506Coordinates: 40°45′42″N 73°59′19″W / 40.761536°N 73.988506°W / 40.761536; -73.988506
School district10036
PrincipalKeith Ryan[2]
Teaching staff30 academic teachers[3]

The Professional Performing Arts School, colloquially known as PPAS, is a public middle and high school in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York City, that offers students a unique opportunity to study the arts in a professional environment.[5]


PPAS was created in 1990 to meet the needs of two groups of students: those who wanted to pursue professional work in the arts as they earned a junior/senior high school diploma and those who wanted to study the arts as an avocation.[6]

It is the special mission of this small, personalized school to develop, refine, and showcase students in dance, drama, and vocal music while also providing them with a rigorous, meaningful academic curriculum.

Every student auditions for a performing arts major. Performing arts instruction is delivered by professional dancers, actors and musicians through professional studios.

Academic staff gives students opportunities for daily study through a rigorous, comprehensive, sequential, fully integrated academic curriculum. The course of study, ending in a New York State Regents endorsed diploma, is centered on an interdisciplinary, multicultural, inquiry based approach to learning which prepares students for college and/or a professional career in the arts.

Notable alumni[edit]


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