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A portable setup of various live audio production and recording equipment.

Professional audio, also 'pro audio', refers to both an activity and a type of audio equipment. Typically it encompasses the production or reproduction of sound for an audience, by individuals who do such work as an occupation like live event support, using sound reinforcement systems designed for the purpose. (By contrast, consumer audio is usually confined to the reproduction of sound in the home.) Professional audio can include but is not limited to broadcast radio, audio mastering in a recording studio, television studio, sound reinforcement such as a concert, DJ performances, Audio sampling, public address, surround sound movie theatres, and in some cases piped music application.

The term 'professional audio' has no precise definition, but its typical features may include:

Compared to consumer audio equipment, professional audio equipment tends to have such characteristics as:

The broadcast quality of professional audio equipment is on a par with that of consumer high-end audio equipment, but is more likely to be designed purely on sound engineering principles and owe little to a consumer oriented audiophile sub-culture.[2]

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