Professor Palmboom

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Professor Palmboom
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Two of the main characters
Publication information
Publication date 1981–
Main character(s) Professor Palmboom
Creative team
Writer(s) Dick Briel
Artist(s) Dick Briel

Professor Palmboom (literally translated as Professor Palm Tree) is a comic album series written and drawn by Dutch artist Dick Briel. They are illustrated in the ligne claire style. So far, three albums have been released and one book. They follow the adventures of Professor Julius Palmboom.


The series is set in the twentieth century and follows the adventures of Professor Julius Palmboom and his friends as they investigate science fiction mysteries.

List of titles[edit]

The following if a list of albums in the series :

De roestgranaat

Other albums have also been released in the series:


While all the books are available in Dutch, the main three albums have also been translated into French, but not into English. Briel has agreed for London Labyrinth to be translated into English, so maybe the book will be released in English.[citation needed]

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