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Robert Sidney Smith (31 January 1919 – 29 November 2009, London, England) was an expert on the history of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and was a Senior Lecturer and then Professor of History at the universities of Lagos, Ife and Ibadan.[1] He was born on 31 January 1919. For many years he lived near Kew Gardens in London and died in London on 29 November 2009.[citation needed]

Smith studied and taught at the Institute of African Studies in the University of Ibadan in Nigeria from its foundation in 1962.[2][page needed]

He authored the following books:

  • The Lagos Consulate (published by Macmillan)
  • Warfare and Diplomacy in Pre-colonial West Africa (published by University of Wisconsin Press)

A festschrift was published in his honour Falola, Toyin & Law, Robin (eds.) (1992) Warfare and diplomacy in precolonial Nigeria: Essays in honor of Robert Smith, Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin.


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