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Proximity store
Industry Retail
Founded 1979 (Belgium)
Headquarters Timișoara, Romania
Products Food and non-food

PROFI is a retail network of supermarkets located in Romania, with 367 proximity stores in all counties (as of 2015). It operates units in the Standard, City and Loco formats to meet city and countryside circumstances alike and sell a range of more than 5,000 products, both food and non-food.


Initially a discount supermarket owned by Louis Delhaize Group, Profi grew into a network spreading to several countries in Europe. The 67 supermarkets operated in Romania were bought in 2009 and further developed by Polish Enterprise Fund VI (PEF VI), a private equity fund administered by Enterprise Investors (EI).

In November 2016, Profi was bought by the investing group MEP Retail Investments, part of the Mid Europa Partners.[1]

Onetime Profi supermarkets were found in:

Proximity store PROFI in residential area of Lupeni, a mining locality in Central Romania.
PROXI store in industrial town of Cugir, Romania
Country Number of supermarkets
 Belgium (all Belgian stores were rebranded as Smatch Supermarket) 61
 Hungary (many Hungarian stores were rebranded as Aldi, Penny Market, Coop and CBA), some of them have been closed 73
 Luxembourg (all Luxembourgish stores were rebranded as Smatch Supermarket) 14
 Romania (all Romanian stores were bought by Polish Enterprise Fund VI and kept under PROFI brand) 367 (in 2015)

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