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Profile Books
Founded 1996
Founder Andrew Franklin
Country of origin UK
Headquarters location London
Distribution The Book Service
Publication types Books
Fiction genres Nonfiction, Fiction
Imprints Serpent’s Tail, The Clerkenwell Press, Tindal Street Press
Official website

Profile Books is the name of a British independent book publishing firm founded in 1996. It publishes non-fiction subjects including history, biography, memoir, politics, current affairs, travel and popular science. Profile Books is most notable for publishing all The Economist Books.

In 2003 Profile Books published its first million copy seller, Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. This book was the number one bestselling non-fiction title for 30 weeks and the Book of the Year at the British Book Awards 2004. Profile Books was awarded the Small Publisher of the Year award at the same event.

In 2006 Profile Books was again the recipient of the Small Publisher of the Year award, its third win. It had previously won the Sunday Times award.

In January 2007 Profile Books acquired Serpent’s Tail, bringing together two of the most distinctive, highly regarded and fiercely independent[vague] small publishers in London.

Other bestsellers include Does Anything Eat Wasps? and Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? in association with New Scientist magazine.

Profile Books published an extensive business list which includes titles published in partnership with The Economist and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Profile Books' authors include Mary Beard, Alan Bennett, Susan Hill, Ian Stewart (mathematician), Jonathan Dimbleby, Sandi Toksvig, Simon Garfield, Robert Greene, Richard Mabey, Simon Jenkins, Margaret MacMillan, David Harvey and Francesca Simon.

Profile Books is distributed in the UK by Random House and currently sold by Faber & Faber, and is part of the Independent Alliance.[1]

In 2008 Profile set up an ethical imprint GreenProfile under the direction of Mark Ellingham, the founder of Rough Guides. One of its first major projects is a collaboration with Oxfam on Ox-Tales, which brings together thirty of the UK’s greatest contemporary fiction writers whose original short stories will be sold in four volumes.

Notable authors and works[edit]

Lynne Truss

Timothy Brook

Richard Wrangham

Simon Garfield

Susan Hill

  • The Small Hand (2010)
  • Howards End is on the Landing (2010)
  • The Woman in Black (2011)
  • The Man in the Picture (2012)
  • Dolly (2012)

Tracy Kidder

Jay Bahadur

Patricia and Robert Malcolmson, Nella Last

James A Robinson, Daron Acemoğlu

Alan Bennett

  • The Lady in the Van (1999)
  • Four Stories (2006)
  • The Uncommon Reader (2007)
  • A Life Like Other People's (2009)
  • Smut (2011)

Mary Beard

  • The Parthenon (2009)
  • Pompeii (2009)
  • It's Don's Life (2009)
  • The Colosseum (2011)
  • All in a Don's Day (2012)
  • Confronting the Classics (2013)
  • SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome (2015)

Simon Jenkins

  • A Short History of England (2011)
  • England's 100 Best Views (2013)

Jonathan Dimbleby

  • Destiny in the Desert]] (2012)

David Harvey

  • The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism (2011)
  • Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (2014)

James Ward



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