Profile Portrait of a Young Lady

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Profile Portrait of a Young Lady
Antonio del Pollaiuolo - Profile Portrait of a Young Lady - Google Art Project.jpg
Artist Antonio del Pollaiuolo (presumably)
Year 1465
Type Oil on wood
Dimensions 52.2 cm × 36.2 cm (20.6 in × 14.3 in)
Location Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

Profile Portrait of a Young Lady is a 1465 half-length portrait, commonly attributed to Italian artist Antonio del Pollaiuolo and oil-based paint on a poplar panel.[1] A minority of scholars attribute the portrait to another Italian artist, Piero della Francesca.[1] Wilhelm von Bode attributed the painting to Domenico Veneziano, while others think of Alessio Baldovinetti.[2] The emphatic use of line and the clarity of the contrasting colour surfaces are typical features of the Florentine School.[2]

The identity of the woman on portrait is unknown. She is shown wearing an exquisite brocade dress, while the posture suggests she is sitting in the marble embrasure of a window or balcony.

A similar portrait, titled Portrait of a Woman, was painted by Pollaiuolo's brother Piero del Pollaiuolo.