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The Proggy programming fonts are a set of free fixed-width typefaces designed with programming and terminal work in mind.


The project started with the four Proggy typefaces authored by Tristan Grimmer: Proggy Clean, Square, Small, and Tiny, circa 2004. Other contributors had their fonts added to the collection with time, which account to about 10 additional typefaces.

It is currently a member of the Gentoo Linux packaging system.

The typefaces are usually provided as single-size 9 point raster fonts. They are offered in a variety of formats in order to be usable on different platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Unix and Unix-like systems.


Craig Buckler at SitePoint listed it as one of the top programming fonts.[1] It was mentioned by Jeff Atwood.[2] The Proggy collection became very popular among programmers and system administrators.


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