Progo River

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Progo River
Kali progo.jpg
Progo River in Yogyakarta
Country Indonesia
Physical characteristics
Main source Mount Sundoro, Central Java
River mouth Indian Ocean, Trisik Beach, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta,

The Progo River (Javanese: Kali Praga, ꦏꦭꦶꦥꦿꦒ, jv ['kali 'prɔgɔ]) is a river in southern central Java, Indonesia.[1] The river passes through two provinces; Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region. The source of the river is on the slopes of Mount Sundoro, Central Java.

The river runs to the southeast through the city of Magelang, then through the historical Kedu Plain passing near the well known Borobudur, Mendut, and Pawon temples. Reaching the province of Yogyakarta the river forms a natural boundary between Sleman Regency, Kulon Progo Regency and Bantul Regency. The mouth of the river is located at Trisik beach on the southern shore of Java facing Indian Ocean.

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Coordinates: 7°59′S 110°12′E / 7.983°S 110.200°E / -7.983; 110.200