Progon, Lord of Kruja

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Lord of Kruja[1]
Reign Lord of Kruja, 1190–1198
Predecessor None
Successor (Heir) Gjin Progoni
Titles and styles
Noble family Progon family
  • Gjin
  • Dimitri
Occupation Vassal to Byzantines[2]

Progon[a] was the first Albanian ruler known by name, an archon of the Kruja fortress (modern Krujë) and its surroundings (retrospectively known as "Arbanon"). He ruled between 1190 and 1198. Progon was succeeded by his two sons, Gjin, and Dimitri.


Progon's realm was the first Albanian state during the Middle Ages.[3][4][5] Little is known about archon Progon who was the first ruler of Kruja and its surroundings,[6] between 1190 and 1198.[7] The Kruja fortress stayed in the possession of the Progon family, and Progon was succeeded by his sons Gjin, and later Dimitri.[8] Before 1204, Arbanon was an autonomous principality of the Byzantine Empire.[9] He is mentioned with his two sons in an inscription from the St. Mary Monastery in Trifandina, Gëziq, northern Albania.[10] The titles archon (held by Progon) and panhypersebastos (held by Dimitri) is a sign of Byzantine dependence.[2]


Preceded by
Post created
Lord of Kruja
Succeeded by


  1. ^ Name: His name is rendered as Progon or Progonos ([Προγονος, Progonos] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)[14]). He is eponymous to the Progon family (Progoni).


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