Progress M-18M

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Progress M-18M
Progress M-18M.jpg
Progress M-18M approaches the ISS on 11 February 2013.
Mission type ISS resupply
Operator Roskosmos
COSPAR ID 2013-007A
SATCAT no. 39082
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type Progress-M 11F615A60
Manufacturer RKK Energia
Start of mission
Launch date 11 February 2013, 14:41 (2013-02-11UTC14:41Z) UTC
Rocket Soyuz-U
Launch site Baikonur Site 1/5
End of mission
Disposal Deorbited
Decay date 26 July 2013, 00:42 (2013-07-26UTC00:43Z) UTC
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Perigee 401 kilometres (249 mi)
Apogee 417 kilometres (259 mi)
Inclination 51.6 degrees
Period 92.74 minutes
Epoch 11 February 2013[1]
Docking with ISS
Docking port Pirs Docking Compartment
Docking date 12 February 2013, 20:35 UTC
Undocking date 25 July 2013, 20:43 UTC
Time docked 164 days, 0 hour, 8 minutes
Fuel 346 kg (763 lb)
Gaseous 50 kg (110 lb)
Water 420 kg (930 lb)
Progress ISS Resupply

Progress M-18M (Russian: Прогресс М-18М), identified by NASA as Progress 50 or 50P, is a Progress spacecraft used by Roskosmos to resupply the International Space Station during 2013. Progress M-18M was sent on a 4-Orbit rendezvous profile that was already demonstrated by the Progress M-16M and Progress M-17M spacecraft in 2012.


The spacecraft was launched on time at 14:41 UTC on 11 February 2013 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.[2]


Oleg Novitskiy and Roman Romanenko monitor data at the TORU controls during the Progress M-18 approach to the ISS.

Progress M-18M docked with the Pirs Docking Compartment at 20:35 UTC less than six hours after the launch. The successful docking climaxed the third successful Same-Day-Rendezvous in the International Space Station history.[3]


Progress M-18M delivered about 764 pounds (346 kilograms) of propellant, 110 pounds (50 kg) of oxygen and air, 926 pounds (420 kg) of water and about 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg) of spare parts, science gear and other supplies to the Space Station.[4]

Undocking and Reentry[edit]

Progress M-18M departs the ISS on 25 July 2013.

Progress M-18M undocked from the ISS July 25, 2013. The reentry procedure was scheduled to begin around 11:53 p.m. UTC.[5]


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