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Central building of Progress Station in summer 2007

Progress (Russian: Прогресс) is a Russian (formerly Soviet) research station in Antarctica. It is located at the Larsemann Hills antarctic oasis on the shore of Prydz Bay.

The station was established by the 33rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition[1] on April 1, 1988 and was moved to another place on February 26, 1989[2] In 2000, work was temporarily halted but it reopened in 2003.

A landing field is located close to the station for air connection with other stations. From 1998-2001 works were performed to transfer transportation operations to Progress from the Mirny Station and make it the main support base for Vostok station.

In 2004, work began on a year-round facility at the station. On October 4, 2008, a fire broke out at the construction site resulting in the death of a construction worker and two serious injuries. The fire resulted in the complete loss of the new structure, as well as damage to the station's communications and scientific equipment.[3]

In 2013, the construction of a new wintering complex was completed. It is a residential unit with a sauna and gym, rooms for meteorologists and radio operators, medical unit, equipped with no less modern regional hospital, and its own galley. Explorers say such a comfortable working environment for them has never existed there before.[4]

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