Progressive Conservative leadership election, 1993

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Progressive Conservative leadership election, 1993
Date June 13, 1993
Convention Ottawa, Ontario
Resigning leader Brian Mulroney
Won by Kim Campbell
Ballots 2
Candidates 5
Entrance Fee C$
Spending limit None
Progressive Conservative leadership conventions
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The 1993 Progressive Conservative leadership election was held on June 13, 1993, to choose a leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Kim Campbell won the vote in the second ballot. She became Canada's first female prime minister on June 25, 1993.

Initially, due to Campbell's popularity, very few prominent Progressive Conservatives entered the race, with Michael Wilson, Perrin Beatty, Barbara McDougall, and Joe Clark not making expected runs. Jean Charest had to be convinced to run by Brian Mulroney. Once in the race, however, he ran an energetic campaign directed by established party organizers loyal to Mulroney, who would later lead the 1993 federal election campaign team. This turned the race from a coronation into a divisive grass roots battle for delegates.


Patrick Boyer[edit]


MP for Etobicoke—Lakeshore, Ontario (1984–1993)
Parliamentary Secretary to the Secretary of State for External Affairs (1989-1991)
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence (1991-1993)
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Industry, Science and Technology (1993)

Kim Campbell[edit]

Kim Campbell

MP for Vancouver Centre, British Columbia (1988–1993)
BC Social Credit MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey (1986-1988).
Minister of Justice (1990-1993)
Minister responsible for Federal-Provincial Relations (1993)
Minister of Veterans Affairs (1993)
Minister of National Defence (1993)


Jean Charest[edit]

Jean Charest

MP for Sherbrooke, Quebec (1984–1993)
Minister of State (Youth) (1986-1990)
Minister of the Environment (1991-1993)


Jim Edwards[edit]


MP for Edmonton Southwest, Alberta (1984–1993)
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Communications (1985-1986 and 1989-1991)
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (1988-1989)
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of State (Agriculture) (1991-1992)
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs (1991-1992)


Garth Turner[edit]

Garth Turner

MP for Halton—Peel, Ontario (1988–1993)

First ballot[edit]

Candidate Vote
Kim Campbell 1,664
Jean Charest 1,369
Jim Edwards 307
Garth Turner 76
Patrick Boyer 53
  • Total ballots cast 3,469

Boyer was eliminated and endorsed Charest; Edwards withdrew and endorsed Campbell, sticking to an understanding with Patrick Kinsella, negotiated by Edward's campaign manager John Lashinger.

Second ballot[edit]

Photo Candidate Vote
KimCampbell.jpg Kim Campbell 1,817
Jean Charest.jpg Jean Charest 1,630
  • Total ballots cast 3,447