Progressive Nationalist Party of British Columbia

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Progressive Nationalist Party of British Columbia
Active provincial party
Leader Padraig Mac Roibeaird
President Padraig Mac Roibeaird
Founded 2004 (2004)
Headquarters Vanderhoof BC
Ideology British Columbia sovereignty
Colours none

The Progressive Nationalist Party of British Columbia, formerly Bloc British Columbia Party, is a minor political party in British Columbia, Canada, that was formed in 2004 to contest both provincial and federal elections on a platform of independence for British Columbia.

In the 2005 BC provincial election, the party nominated three candidates under the "Bloc British Columbia Party" banner. The party did not campaign and these candidates won a total of 276 votes (0.02% of the provincial total):

  • Brian Taylor won 174 votes (0.83% of the total) in Nelson-Creston,
  • A.J. van Leur won 54 votes (0.25%) in West Kootenay-Boundary, and
  • Paddy Roberts won 48 votes (0.21%) in Shuswap.

British Columbia has two other minor parties that promote independence (the Western Canada Concept Party of British Columbia) or autonomy (the BC Refederation Party) for the province.

Its leader is Padraig Mac Roibeaird.[1]

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