Progressive Organizations of Switzerland

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The Progressive Organisations of Switzerland (German: Progressive Organisationen der Schweiz; French: Organisations progressistes de Suisse) (POCH) were a communist party founded in 1969. Most of its members were from a university background.

History of the POCH[edit]

In 1977 many women's group split from the party to form the Organisation for the cause of women (German:Organisation für die Sache der Frau (OFRA)).

In 1987 the POCH distanced itself from Marxism-Leninism and changed its name to POCH-Grüne ( POCH-Greens). After the disbandment of numerous canton parties between the late 1970s and 1993 many members changed their party affiliation to the Green Party of Switzerland. The last section of the party in Basel-City disbanded in 1993, spawining the Basel's strong alternative (German:Basels starke Alternative).

Election results[edit]

  • 1971: 0,09%
  • 1975: 0,99%
  • 1979: 1,70% - 2 seats
  • 1983: 2,23% - 3 seats
  • 1987: 1,26% - 3 seats (Parliamentary group with Green Alliance German: Grünes Bündnis)
  • 1991: Candidacy with Grünes Bündnis and Swiss Party of Labour

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