Progressive Party (1901)

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Progressive Party
Leader John See
Thomas Waddell
Founded 1901 (1901)
Dissolved 1907 (1907)
Headquarters Sydney
Ideology Protectionism
Social liberalism
National affiliation Protectionist Party

The Progressive Party was an Australian political party, active in New South Wales state politics. The question of tariff policy which, had created and divided the Free Trade Party and Protectionist Party in New South Wales in the 1890s, became a federal issue at the time of federation. Deprived of their main ideological difference, the two parties were recreated as the Liberal Reform Party aligned with the federal Free Trade Party and the Progressive Party aligned with the federal Protectionist Party. The Progressive Party collapsed in 1907, leaving the Liberal Reform Party as the main anti-Labor Party.[1] In 1919, the Farmers' and Settlers' Association and the Graziers' Association founded a new Progressive Party, which won metropolitan and rural seats in the 1920 election.[2]

State election results[edit]

Election Seats won ± Total votes  % Position Leader
42 / 125
Decrease10 44,817 22.9% Minority government John See
16 / 90
Decrease26 75,297 18.9% Third party Thomas Waddell
5 / 90
Decrease11 21,759 4.7% Third party Thomas Waddell