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Shimpotō (Progressive Party)
Founded March 1, 1896 (1896-03-01)
Dissolved June 20, 1898 (1898-06-20)
Succeeded by Kenseitō (Constitutional Party)
Headquarters Tokyo

Shimpotō (Progressive Party) (進歩党, Shinpotō) was a short-lived political party in Meiji period Japan.

The Shimpotō was founded by Ōkuma Shigenobu in March 1896, as a merger of the Rikken Kaishintō and minor political parties to offset a temporary alliance between Ōkuma's rival, Itō Hirobumi and the Liberal Party of Japan (Jiyuto).

In June 1898, the Shimpotō merged with the Jiyutō to form the Kenseitō.


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