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The Progressive Party of Tanzania–Maendeleo (PPT–Maendeleo) is a political party in Tanzania. The party was registered on 4 March 2003.

In elections held on 18 December 2005, PPT–Maendeleo presidential candidate Anna Senkoro placed eighth out of ten candidates, winning 0.17% of the vote.[1] She was the only woman to run in the election,[2] and the first woman in Tanzanian history to run for president.[3] The party failed to win any seats in National Assembly elections held on the same day.

In the same election, PPT-Maendeleo won a seat in the local government election in Same District, Kilimanjaro Region. Due to this, the Electoral Commission appointed one special seat of a woman councillor. Hence now PPT-Maendeleo is among 7 active political parties out of 17. It also has more than 50 seats in the village councils.

The current National Leader (President) is Peter Kuga Mziray[4] while the Vice President is Khamis Suleiman. The Party's head office is located at Wibu street, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam.


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