Progressive People's Party (Germany)

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Progressive People's Party
Chairman Otto Fischbeck
Otto Wiemer
Founded 1910 March 6
Dissolved 1918 November 20
Preceded by Free-minded People's Party
Free-minded Union
German People's Party
Succeeded by German Democratic Party
Newspaper NA
Ideology Liberal democracy,
Social liberalism,
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation none
Politics of Germany
Political parties

The Progressive People's Party (German: Fortschrittliche Volkspartei, FVP) was a liberal party of late Imperial Germany. It was formed in 6 March, 1910 as a merger of Freeminded People's Party, Freeminded Union, and German People's Party in order to unify the various liberal groups represented in parliament. the Progressives became a major force in parliament during the First World War, joining with the Majority Socialists and the Catholic Centre to form the Reichstag majority that would pass the famous Peace Resolution of 1917.

The party was disbanded in 1918 after the fall of the Empire, with most of its members joining the new German Democratic Party (Deutsche Demokratische Partei), which merged the Progressives with the left wing of the old National Liberal Party (Nationalliberale Partei).

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Preceded by
Free-minded People's Party
Progressive People's Party
Succeeded by
German Democratic Party
Preceded by
Free-minded Union
Preceded by
German People's Party