Progressive Reform Party (Suriname)

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The Progressive Reform Party (Dutch: Vooruitstrevende Hervormingspartij), formerly known as the "Verenigde Hindoestaanse Partij" (United Hindustani Party), is a political party in Suriname.

At the last legislative elections (25 May 2010), the party was part of the Nieuw Front political combination that won 31.6% of the popular votes and fourteen out of fifty-one seats in the National Assembly. With eight seats, the VHP is currently the biggest opposition party in the Surinamese parliament.

Chan Santokhi is since July 3, 2011 the chairman of the party. Previous chairman Ram Sardjoe is the honorary chairman. According to current statistics, the Progressive Reform Party is the second biggest political party of Suriname (with Dési Bouterse's National Democratic Party being no. 1).[1]

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