Estúdios Globo

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Estúdios Globo
Company of Rede Globo
GenreTelevision and film production company
HeadquartersRio de Janeiro, Brazil
OwnerRede Globo
ParentGrupo Globo

Estúdios Globo (Globo Studios, in English), formerly known as Projac, is the main center of television production of the Grupo Globo and Latin Americas largest audio-visual production center.[1] Opened in 1995, it is located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Often is called of CGP-Central Globo de Produção (Globo Production Center). The CGP-Central Globo de Produção (Globo Production Center), located in Curicica, Jacarepaguá, is the largest production center in the world, with an area of 1 million and 600 thousand m2, housing studios, fictional cities, islands of editing, post production, special effects, factory settings, costumes, technical support to production, administration and services.[2] Currently, Projac holds twelve recording studios, three snack bars, a restaurant, bank. They are often building new studios, centers support to fictional cities, a theater and an administrative building. In 2016, Projac rename as Estúdios Globo (Globo Studios).


Reproduction of Ganges River to the telenovela India – A Love Story in scenographic city of Estúdios Globo.
Globo Studios

Split of studios[edit]

Studio A

Studio B

Studio C

Studio D

Studio E

Studio F

  • "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" (attraction of Caldeirão do Huck)

Studio G

  • Video Show (Outside Studio G, but has connection to the studio complex)

Studio H

Studio I

  • Programa do Herbert

Studio J

Programs recorded elsewhere in the complex


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