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Developer(s)Pascal BERNARD
Initial release25-06-2009
Stable release
V6.5.5 [1] / 02-06-2018
Preview release
V7.0.0 [2] / 03-01-2018
Operating systemWindows, Unix, Linux, macOS
Available in16 languages
TypeProject management software

ProjeQtOr is an Open Source project management software .

Its name means Quality based Project Organizer, as it claims to be Quality oriented (hence the Q in the name). This software has changed its name in November 2013. It was formerly called Project'Or RIA (Project Organizer Rich Internet Application).

The features offered, such as synthesized by "Find The Best" [3] and "I love free software" [4] are:

  • Management of tasks and milestones
  • Work and Teams Management
  • Incident Management (including bug tracking)
  • Multi-Projects Management
  • Deployment of resources on a project only when necessary
  • Storing all project documents in one easily accessible space
  • Risks Management
  • Managing budgets and expenses
  • Collaborative Web Architecture
  • Multi-platforms (Windows, Linux)

Based on this evaluation, this tool seems not to be "agile methods" oriented.[citation needed]

In the book "Démarche et outil de gestion de portefeuille de projets informatiques" [5] (approach and tool for project portfolio management), this tool is proposed as a credible free alternative to the proprietary software "Genius Project" (distributed by IBM).

Project sources are available on SourceForge.[6] Distribution license is GPL V3. On editor's website,[7] change history shows of a major release about every 2 months since July 2010.

ProjeQtOr is listed as well in AlternativeTo,[8] among other valid alternatives.

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Used as free alternative to proprietary software in French administration, managing almost 450 projects for 75 projects managers.