Project Archangel (radio serial)

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Project Archangel
Genre Drama
Running time 30 minutes
Country of origin United Kingdom United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station BBC Radio 4 Extra
BBC Radio 7
Starring Dan Hagley, Emily Chennery, Sunny Ormonde
Written by Jenny Stephens
Original release 2010 – present
Audio format Stereophonic sound

Project Archangel is a radio serial broadcast by the BBC. It is a sequel to Project Raphael. It mixes science fiction, supernatural and espionage themes in a story about a government agency that attempts to use "revenants", or ghosts of recently dead people, as agents in a conflict with an organization known as "The Nablovsky Colony", which apparently already has the ability to penetrate secret installations with their own ghosts. It is written by Jenny Stephens.

Plot summary[edit]

The main characters of Project Raphael appear in this story, as they are caught up in the machinations of Nablovsky agents' attempts to manipulate world financial and commodity markets. Several attempts are made to kidnap Malcolm Holmes, a young man living in a small Yorkshire town. Malcolm has psychic abilities, which brought him to the attention of British Intelligence agency MI7, who were trying to deal with their own ghost agent Raphael. Malcolm and Polly Williams, a local journalist, are eventually tricked into boarding a plane that takes them to Moscow, where they are taken to a hideout in the sewer system. There they meet the Nablovsky ghost agent, who turns out to be Michael, Malcolm's long-absent father. He has amassed a huge fortune from financial manipulation, but it is all under a DNA-based lock that he can no longer access, since he was killed. Malcolm, being his son, can open the account, allowing the conspirators to drain the account. Polly is kept hostage to force Malcolm to comply.

Malcolm's mother, Moira, appears in Moscow along with an MI7 agent and an unexpected package: a case containing the ghost agent Raphael. Michael also has a surprise: the money will not be going to the originally intended recipients.


  • Malcolm Holmes - Dan Hagley
  • Polly Williams - Emily Chennery
  • Moira, Malcolm's mother - Sunny Ormonde
  • Agent Raphael - John Flitcroft

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