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Project Builder
Developer(s)NeXT, Apple Inc.
Initial release3.0 / September 8, 1992; 29 years ago (1992-09-08)[1]
Final release
2.1 / December 1, 2002; 19 years ago (2002-12-01)[2]
Operating systemNeXTSTEP, macOS
TypeIntegrated development environment (IDE)
LicenseFreeware with open-source components

Project Builder was an integrated development environment (IDE) originally developed by NeXT for version 3 of the NeXTSTEP operating system by separating out the code editing parts of Interface Builder into its own application.[1]

After Apple Computer purchased NeXT and turned NeXTSTEP into the Mac OS X operating system, the NeXTSTEP version of Project Builder became ProjectBuilderWO (maintained only for WebObjects development), and they created a new Project Builder from scratch for software development with the first version being introduced with Developer Preview 4 of Mac OS X.[3] This version of Project Builder, informally dubbed PBX.[4] was distributed with the first few versions of Mac OS X but with the release of Mac OS X v10.3 it was redesigned, reintegrated with Interface Builder and rebranded as Xcode.[5][6][7]

GNUstep's ProjectCenter IDE is a rough workalike of the original NextStep design; additional functionality is provided by ProjectManager, a 3rd-party GNUstep IDE meant for greater usability.


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