Project Damage Control

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Project Damage Control
Origin United States
Genres Hard rock
Years active 2004-present
Associated acts Picture This, Heart Attack, Petra

Project Damage Control is a musical project formed by musicians from several Christian and secular rock bands.


Project Damage Control (PDC) was formed by Alan Sandifer and Brent Handy in 2004. The 2005, self-funded, independent, release struck a chord with over 50,000 people from around the world, who enjoy rock music of the 70s, 80s and 90s and the performances of two former Petra band members, John Schlitt and Louie Weaver.

The first album was the accidental by-product of Alan and Brent reuniting with former bandmates, to record old songs for posterity. The experience of reuniting, playing together and recording was awesome. The comradery and love for the music had not waned. Pre-production rehearsals and recording sessions were fun and effortless, until a power outage caused hard drive failures. All work was lost. The worst crash came next.

Vocalist Wayne Howard was t-boned by a car while riding his motorcycle. Doctors said he would not live. He lived. Doctors said he would not walk. He walked after major re-constructive hip, leg and ankle surgeries and therapy. Though not fully recovered, Wayne was anxious to get out and sing. Recording resumed one stormy Saturday afternoon at the Next Level Studios, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The songs were recorded live in two takes. The playing was great. Wayne sang well through extreme pain and medication while seated in his wheel chair. Multiple power outages cut the session short. Recording was completed days later.

The reunion grew from one weekend into a month. Availability and performance became an issue for some of the players. The project grew to be larger and more demanding than expected. Alan and Brent turned to Louie Weaver (former Petra drummer) to complete the drums tracks. Friends from local bands provided guitar tracks. John Schlitt (Petra vocalist) re-recorded all vocal tracks. John was impressed with the scratch tracks provided by Wayne. For grins, Brent posted links to rough mixes of the tunes. The feedback was positive and copies were requested. It was decided that the project should be released. While discussing all of the trials, tribulations and blessings of the experience, "Project Damage Control" came to mind and summed it all up nicely.

Project Damage Control was released on March 15, 2005[1] receiving positive reviews.[2][better source needed]

Project Damage Control

Alan Sandifer: co-producer, co-writer, guitars Brent Handy: co-producer, co-writer, engineer, keys and guitar noises


Alan and Brent began writing and recording new music in 2006. Recording of all instrumental tracks was completed in 2008. Vocal track recording and mixing began in 2009. Project Damage Control's "Mechanism" [3] was released July, 2010.


Alan Sandifer: co-producer, co-writer, guitars Brent Handy: co-producer, co-writer, engineer, vocals

Additional musicians

Roberio Moreira: percussion Brian Gresh: guitars Daniel MacFarlane: guitars Jeremy Gerretson: guitars



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