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Project GreenWorld International
Environmental organization (Non-Profit)(NGO)
FoundedSalalah, Dhofar, Oman (5 April 2012 (2012-04-05))
FounderHridith Sudev
Area served
Key people
  • Hridith Sudev
  • Samved Shaji
  • Project GreenOman
  • Project GreenIndia Edit this on Wikidata
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Project GreenWorld International, is a children's environmental organization[1] founded by a student at Indian School, Salalah, Hridith Sudev (then aged 12), and his younger brother Samved Shaji (then aged 7).[2] Beginning from Oman, the organization has grown into the biggest children's environmental initiative in the world.[3]

Greenworld's Oman based project, dubbed 'Project GreenOman' won the award for the best project initiated for promoting eco-friendliness in Oman for the 2012 World Environment Day Global School Contest conducted by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.[4][5] On 5 June 2014, International Energy Globe Award, Austria declared Project GreenOman as Oman's best project for sustainability.[6][7]


Hridith Sudev, the Founder of Project GreenWorld during the inauguration in 2012

On 5 April 2012, Mast. Hridith Sudev along with Samved Shaji founded an organization mainly based in Salalah, Oman which is completely managed by kids, the Project Greenworld International. Within a week this organization initiated its first project, Project GreenOman, which won the World Environment Day Global School Contest conducted by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. This organization is one among the few organizations founded by kids to get an international recognition. Hridith Sudev and Samved Shaji were officially declared as the representatives of Oman to Rio+20 on 22 July 2012. On 5 June 2014, International Energy Globe Award, Austria declared Project GreenOman as Oman's best project for sustainability and PGWI became Oman's National winner for Energy Globe Awards 2014[6][4]

On 17 July 2016, Project GreenWorld officially inaugurated its Indian chapter, "Project GreenIndia" in Vatakara Municipality of Kerala, India.[citation needed]

PGWI has since grown into an international organization with units in Oman, India, Bahrain, Korea, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Sierra Leone & Uganda.[citation needed]

PGWI Water Day[edit]

PGWI Water Day is an awareness campaign held every year on 31 March to help make citizens more responsible towards water resource. This is held in conjunction with the 'World Anti Tobacco Day'.

Project GreenOman[edit]

Project GreenOman's work is divided into six sectors to make the result better-

Project GreenOman (PRGROM) regularly conducts tree plantation drives. PRGROM conducted its first triannual NATURE WALK on 16 November 2012 in the wooded regions of Zeek in Salalah (Oman). The purpose of these Nature Walks is to explore biodiversity. PRGROM conducted its first ever Annual Cleanup Campaign on 1 January 2013, the new year day of 2013.The main motive of the campaign was to clean up all the Non - Biodegradable wastes in the selected area. PRGROM has also conducted Anti-Smoking Campaigns. PRGROM has also actively celebrated World Environment Day , World Earth Day and World Water Day. It was also one of Salalah's first organizations to observe 'Earth Hour'. PRGROM also celebrates the 'PGWI Water Day' on 31 March every year.

Project GreenIndia[edit]

PGWI's Indian wing, the Project GreenIndia was founded On 17 July 2016 in Vatakara Municipality of Kerala, India. Various tree plantation drives, summer camps and cleanup campaigns mark their activity.

Project GreenGhana-ECRF[edit]

PGWI in association with El-Ehsaan Charitable Relief Foundation (ECRF) conducts tree plantation drives, charitable affairs, relief and rehabilation programs, water filtration programs, health camps and cleanup drives across Ghana under the banner of Project GreenGhana-ECRF. Educational charities and camps are also conducted.


Project GreenWorld International has been abbreviated as PGWI. It underwent major branding revision in 2016.[9] The initial logo and identification marks which Greenworld shared with its constituent project, the Project GreenOman were all homemade derivations of free raster images. The new logo was custom-created by Hridith Sudev in 2016

The initial logo for both Project GreenWorld International and Project GreenOman

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