Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In

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Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In
Project I.G.I. I'm Going In (cover).jpg
Developer(s) Innerloop Studios
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Designer(s) Gavin Skinner (Lead), Jolyon Leonard, Ole Marius Kohmann
Programmer(s) Ole Marius Liabo (Lead)
Artist(s) Olav-Rasmus Vorren (Lead)
Composer(s) Kim M. Jensen
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release December 15, 2000
Genre(s) Stealth action
Mode(s) Single player

Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In (released in Europe as simply Project I.G.I.) is a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Innerloop Studios and released on December 15, 2000 by Eidos Interactive.[1] Upon release the game received mixed reviews due to a number of shortcomings, including poorly programmed A.I., lack of a mid-game save option, and the lack of multiplayer features. However it was praised for its superb sound design and graphics, thanks in part to its use of a proprietary game engine that was previously used in Innerloop's Joint Strike Fighter. It was followed up in 2003 by a sequel I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike. The game was re-released in 2007 on GamersGate.


The protagonist, David Jones, a British Special Air Service operator turned free lance Government operative, is tasked by the International Geotactical Intelligence (I.G.I) to track down and capture Josef Priboi, a Russian black market arms dealer involved in selling stolen nuclear warhead to Russian mercenaries who are a threat to Europe. IGI believes that Josef is being held captive at a Russian military airbase by mercenaries for unknown reasons. The base had strong air defences (primarily SAM sites) nearby so Jones is dropped through a helicopter at an abandoned train yard nearby so he can destroy the air defences from the ground which could cause hurdles in his extraction. After successfully infiltrating the train yard and escaping by a truck, Jones proceeds to destroy the SAM sites which are located at a small base in the nearby mountains. After completing his objective, Jones is extracted and transported to the military airbase by a helicopter. He successfully infiltrates the airbase and gains access to the base's prison cells where Josef is believed to be kept but finds them empty. He reports the situation to his mission director, Rebecca Anya who tasks him to proceed to the base's air control tower and search the flight logs because ground transportation of Josef was impossible due to strong surveillance by IGI. Meanwhile, Anya orders Jones' helicopter pilot to dust off as there was heavy enemy air surveillance in the area. After examining the flight logs, Jones finds out that there were actually two Priboi's taken aboard a flight from the airbase, one is Josef and the other is his uncle Jach (a.k.a Jach "the hammer" as his signature weapon is a Jackhammer combat shotgun), whose identity is revealed later when Anya tracks him down. Jones boards a MIG-29 fighter plane to exit the base. He is ordered to land at a small air strip at a military prison where Josef is being held captive according to the data provided by him and aid a Barret team led by Captain Harrison as a sniper who are being tasked to extract Josef. With Jones' help, the team successfully extracts Josef from the prison. Josef, already being kidnapped and beaten by his uncle Jach reveals that his uncle organized the heist on his warhead deal and got the warhead in his possession. He also took control of the business and the warhead could now be in any of his warehouses and properties exceeding 50 in number. However, Josef also revealed that his uncle uses several military channels for communications and he provides IGI the key code for one of his commonly used channel. In order to track Jach's conversations on the channel, Jones is tasked to infiltrate a Russian radar base and upload a virus in the radar dome which houses all the communication channel nodes. After Jones uploads the virus, Anya penetrates into Jach's communication channel and finds out from his conversations that the warhead has moved on from his possession to an unknown party. Jones is extracted from the base through a helicopter after he secures the landing zone and is transported to one of Priboi's main storage yards, where Anya tracked him to be present from his communications. Jones is tasked to create chaos in the storage yard which will lead Priboi to flee. Captain Harrison's team is tasked to intercept Priboi during his escape and extract him along with Jones from the storage yard. According to the instructions provided, Jones infiltrates the storage yard and obtains explosives from the storage yard after fighting against Priboi's men and his tank. He uses the explosives to blow up Priboi's fuel depot after which he searches Priboi's office to get evidence against him. Meanwhile, Captain Harrison's team is ambushed by Priboi's men as they intercept his convoy. The team loses two men and the helicopter pilot is wounded in the aftermath. Jones decides to fly the helicopter himself and tells Anya to send him the coordinates as to where he is headed. As he proceeds to the coordinates in the helicopter, it is intercepted by two MIG-29 fighter planes sent by a rogue Russian commander, Ekk who turns out to be the customer purchasing the warhead from Priboi. The jets shoot down the helicopter near the Russian border and Priboi is taken away by Ekk's soldiers in a truck leaving an ill-equipped Jones to escape the border alone. Anya contacts him through his earpiece and with her help, he escapes the border in a military delivery truck. The truck takes him to a base in use by Russian rapid reaction force where his map computer and equipment is also being kept at a repair yard a few blocks away. Jones successfully retrieves his map computer and equipment and escapes through EVAC arranged by Anya. Jones is then sent to a military rail yard to intercept and get on the train in which Priboi is being taken away to Ekk as she needs him to find out the level of threat Jones and his organization possess against her. Jones infiltrates the rail yard and after disabling the security systems and dealing with the soldiers, gets on the train. Ekk finds out that the train had been intercepted and immediately sends two fighter jets who derail the train by shooting a missile at the track. Jones has to then defend Priboi from Ekk's soldiers who are scouting the town near which their train was detailed. After Jones successfully escorts Priboi at the extraction point, they both are extracted from there by a helicopter. Jones is then sent to a military camp at the base of a mountain in a remote location in Russia. He is tasked to infiltrate the camp and use the cable car to gain access to Ekk's base of operations which is located in the ruins of an old castle formerly in use by Russian secret agency KGB where Ekk is supposed to be keeping the warhead according to Jach. Jones infiltrates the camp and obtains the Dragunuv sniper which had been left for him by his allies which he uses to snipe Ekk's men guarding the power building. Then he proceeds to turn on the generator located in the power building which supplies power to the cable car system then makes his way on the top of the mountain where the castle is located. There he finds out that Ekk has recently carried out construction amongst the ruins for new training facilities and a new underground office housing her MI-26 gunship helicopter. Jones is tasked to find the warhead and capture or kill Ekk as both the actions would satisfy the Chiefs of Staff who has been monitoring the whole operation. Jones enters the base using a tunnel system that had been made for secret transportation. He then fights his way through a heavily guarded base towards Ekk's office which is located at the back of the base, oblivious of the fact that Ekk had already been aware of his presence. She escapes in her helicopter with the core parts of the warhead before Jones could get to her and leaves a furious Jones woth the warhead's shell calling for EVAC. Jones is then transported to a soviet plutonium refining plant now controlled by Ekk which still has functional reactors and is tasked to locate the entrance of an underground compound and find out about Ekk's plans. Jones enters the plant through an underground entrance and locates the entrance to the compound. At that point, Anya meets up with him after he has secured the entrance. Jones decides to go underground and asks Anya to provide him with useful intel from the plant's network. Once Jones gets inside, Anya tells him that Ekk took control of the plant by waiting till the weekend staff changed and striking at them at the right moment. He is tasked to kill Ekk and secure the perimeter for Anya so she can defuse the planted bomb near the reactor which Ekk has crafted out of the core parts of the warhead. Jones fights his way through Ekk's men and strong defences set by her. Ekk retreats to the electricity generating chamber where she has planted the bomb and destabilizes the reactor in the process which Jones restores after resisting heavy oppression. He finally kills Ekk near the planted bomb and secures the bomb while providing cover while she defuses it. Anya gets wounded in the aftermath and in the end she is shown in a storage room with Jones struggling to life by using medipacks. At the same moment, the base gets alerted and they both are ordered to surrender. The games ends with Jones saying "I'm going in" while reloading his rifle and facing the door of the storage in which they are present.


  • David Llewellyn Jones (Voice : Kerry Shale) - Jones is an officer in I.G.I. (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) and former British SAS operator. Players control him as the main character. He is the best covert operative under command of IGI. He has a special capability to accomplish difficult tasks. David is also described as an officer who does not give up so easily at risky and emergency situations, but stands firm to face and solve the situation calmly. Jones was born in Cardiff on 1 August 1965. He was a bit of a tearaway as an adolescent. After spending a short period in a youth detention center, he immediately joined the British Army. Plenty of hard work and training defined him as one of the most highly regarded NCOs in the parachute regiment. Shortly after his sixth year in the services he applied to join the Special Air Service Regiment. He left the regiment after three years service due to an injury sustained.
  • Anya (Voice : Amanda Mealing) - Anya is the mission director at headquarters who directs Jones via radio. She is taken hostage by Ekk and helps Jones defuse the nuclear weapon after Ekk is killed in the final mission.
  • Jach Priboi (Voice : Danny McCall) - A black market Soviet arms dealer responsible for selling the nuclear warhead to Ekk.
  • Josef Priboi - Jach's Nephew
  • Ekk (Voice : Larissa Murray) - A corrupt Russian commander who intends to destroy Europe by launching a nuclear missile.
  • Captain Harrison (Voice : Christopher Murvey) - Commander of allied troops, an ex-Green Beret who aids Jones in some missions.


Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In has 14 missions.[2]

  1. Trainyard
  2. SAM Base
  3. Military Airbase
  4. GOD
  5. Radar Base
  6. Get Priboi
  7. Border Crossing
  8. Re-Supply
  9. Missile Trainyard
  10. Defend Priboi
  11. Eagle's Nest I
  12. Eagle's Nest II
  13. Nuclear Infiltration
  14. Finding The Bomb


Project I.G.I. received a "Silver" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA),[3] indicating sales of at least 100,000 copies in the United Kingdom.[4]


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