Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In

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Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In
Developer(s) Innerloop Studios
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive
Designer(s) Gavin Skinner (Lead), Jolyon Leonard, Ole Marius Kohmann7
Programmer(s) Ole Marius Liabo (Lead)
Artist(s) Olav-Rasmus Vorren (Lead)
Composer(s) Kim M. Jensen
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release December 15, 2000
Genre(s) Stealth action
Mode(s) Single player

Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In (released in Europe as simply Project I.G.I.) is a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Innerloop Studios and released on December 15, 2000 by Eidos Interactive.[1] Upon release the game received mixed reviews due to a number of shortcomings, including poorly programmed A.I., lack of a mid-game save option, and the lack of multiplayer features. However it was praised for its superb sound design and graphics, thanks in part to its use of a proprietary game engine that was previously used in Innerloop's Joint Strike Fighter.

It was followed up in 2003 by I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike.


The protagonist Jones, with the help of Anya, infiltrates the base of Jach Priboi in order to capture him and extract the knowledge of the stolen Warhead. While Jach Priboi is taken away in a helicopter by Jones, the copter is shot down by Ekk. The Russians take Priboi, as well as Jones' equipment. Jones then has to clear the border and find his equipment. He then hijacks the train carrying Priboi and takes him in for interrogation. Learning about the involvement of Ekk, he sets off to catch her and find the nuclear weapon. Ekk escapes on her first meeting with Jones, but Jones kills her after finding her second hideout as well.


  • David Llewellyn Jones (Voice : Kerry Shale) - Jones is an officer in I.G.I. (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) and former British SAS operator. Players control him as the main character. He is the best covert operative under command of IGI. He has a special capability to accomplish difficult tasks. David is also described as an officer who does not give up so easily at risky and emergency situations, but stands firm to face and solve the situation calmly. Jones was born in Cardiff on 1 August 1965. He was a bit of a tearaway as an adolescent. After spending a short period in a youth detention center, he immediately joined the British Army. Plenty of hard work and training defined him as one of the most highly regarded NCOs in the parachute regiment. Shortly after his sixth year in the services he applied to join the Special Air Service Regiment. He left the regiment after three years service due to an injury sustained.
  • Anya (Voice : Amanda Mealing) - Anya is the contact at headquarters who directs Jones via radio. She is taken hostage by Ekk and helps Jones defuse the nuclear weapon after Ekk is killed in final mission.
  • Jach Priboi (Voice : Danny McCall) - Soviet Arms Dealer
  • Josef Priboi - Jach's Nephew
  • Ekk (Voice : Larissa Murray) - A corrupt Russian commander who intends to destroy Europe by launching a nuclear warfare.
  • Captain Harrison (Voice : Christopher Murvey) - Commander of allied troops, which aid Jones in some missions, and an ex-Green Beret.


Project I.G.I.: I'm Going In has 14 missions.[2]

  • 1- Trainyard
  • 2- SAM Base
  • 3- Military Airbase
  • 4- GOD
  • 5- Radar Base
  • 6- Get Priboi
  • 7- Border Crossing
  • 8- Re-Supply
  • 9- Missile Trainyard
  • 10- Defend Priboi
  • 11- Eagle's Nest I
  • 12- Eagle's Nest II
  • 13- Nuclear Infiltration
  • 14- Finding The Bomb


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