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Project Metalbeast: DNA Overload
Directed by Alessandro De Gaetano
Produced by Frank Hildebrand
Timothy E. Sabo/Michael Carazza(co-producer)
Steve Gellman(co-associate producer)
Barbara Javitz(associate producer)
Lamar Card/Barry L. Collier/Penny Karlin (executive producer)
Written by Roger Steinmann
Timothy E. Sabo
Alessandro De Gaetano
Starring Barry Bostwick
Kane Hodder
Kim Delaney
Musetta Vander
Music by Conrad Pope
Cinematography Thomas L. Callaway
Edited by Kert Vandermeulen
Distributed by Prism Pictures/C/FP Video/Blue Ridge Entertainment
Release dates
  • 1995 (1995)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Project Metalbeast, also known as Project Metalbeast: DNA Overload in the United States and Metalbeast in the United Kingdom, is a 1995 science fiction horror film directed by Alessandro De Gaetano and filmed in the United States. In this movie, a group of scientists attempt to create a perfect soldier by injecting the subject with the blood of a werewolf. When the experiment goes wrong, the subject is cryogenically frozen for 20 years. The only member of the original team to survive is a CIA member, who gives the victim a synthetic skin to create a metal-skinned killing machine.[1]


In 1974, an ambitious special ops soldier named Donald Butler (John Marzilli) investigates an island castle that is protected by a vicious, man-eating werewolf. Sacrificing his cameraman, Don takes the opportunity to kill the beast with silver bullets before taking a large sample of its blood and taking it to Washington for investigation for a possible serum to produce super soldiers from the werewolf's blood under the supervision of Miller (Barry Bostwick). Butler soon grows impatient and irritated that most of the blood he collected was used up with no results. Taking matters into his own hands, Butler injects himself with the last of the blood directly. Soon, his senses grow acute, he is able to see, hear, and smell better than any human. Unable to control his newly animalistic nature, Butler soon goes berserk, raping the hematologist responsible for the blood before transforming into a werewolf himself and killing off another member of the staff before Miller kills him with three silver bullets to the chest. Clinically dead, Miller orders a witness murdered and hides Butler's body, cryogenically freezing it, as without the bullets, Butler would be very much alive.

Twenty years pass, and in 1994 a group of scientists are investigating possible mass-skin replacement alternatives, synthesizing prosthetic skin with a metal alloy as a base. Though they are having trouble stabilizing it without it turning hard as steel, they are approached by Miller who offers them human corpses as subjects. Initially hesitant about using the bodies the head scientist Anne (Kim Delaney) and her superior Hammond (William G. Clark), they find they have no choice and will face having their funds cut off if they refuse to cooperate. As Anne and her team (Larry (Lance Slaughter), Roger (Tim Duquette) and her love interest Farraro (Dean Scofield)) are given the body of Butler to work on. They suspect something is amiss, as the body has no name, no origin that they have access to. When they are nearly completed with the transfusion of the metallic skin, which appears to be successful so far leaving only bits of skin left including the patch over his heart, they find the bullets that had been lodged into his heart and remove them. Immediately, the body comes alive and the situation turns into a moral issue for Anne and her team. When Miller refuses to collaborate his information and Anne and her team refuse to complete the project on a living man, Miller instigates the scattered memories of Butler through photographs, causing him to relapse and turn into his former werewolf self again who kills Larry. Meanwhile, Anne gets her friend Debbie (Musetta Vander) to manufacture a key card to investigate Miller's story more by breaking into his office, and she finds the gun used on Butler 20 years earlier. After discovering Larry's death and finding the now half-formed werewolf that Butler has become, they attempt to reverse the process, only to find that the grafted skin has solidified. When Anne and Farraro leave, Butler transforms again, killing Roger who was left behind to sedate him.

Now loose, the new Metalbeast (Kane Hodder) begins to kill off the doctors and soldiers in the hospital. In order to prevent him from getting out, Anne, Farraro and Debbie lock down the facility, trapping themselves inside with the beast. Miller incapacitates Hammond to slow down the beast and he shoots Farraro who allows the girls to get away with silver tipped rockets they had made to kill Butler. Anne and Debbie find the cryogenics lab used to keep Butler on ice for 20 years, but when Miller comes upon them the beast, instead of being grateful for Miller keeping him "alive" for so long, Butler kills him, and debris from a missed rocket shot knocks Debbie out, forcing Anne to run from the Metalbeast. After a short game of cat-and-mouse, Anne holds off the beast long enough for Debbie to take a shot at the beast, injuring it with a shot to the leg that didn't explode. As all hope seems lost, Farraro, having recovered from the gunshot to his shoulder steps in and fires the final rocket into the beast's chest, causing him to blow apart. As they leave the facility, they recall how unbelievable the story is going to be, but agree they should tell people about it before Anne and Farraro kiss. As they leave, a piece of the beast starts to move, indicating it can regenerate itself from just a small piece of tissue and it will thus return.


Actor / Actress Character
Kim Delaney Anne De Carlo
Barry Bostwick Peter Alexander Miller
Kane Hodder MetalBeast
Musetta Vander Debbie
John Marzilli Donald Butler
Dean Scofield Ferraro
Tim Duquette Roger
Lance Slaughter Larry
Tom Hillmann (as Thomas Hillman) Agent Berger
Brioni Farrell Dr. Barnes
Chuck Picerni Jr. Turner
William G. Clark Hammond
Carol Davis Michelle
Brian Brophy Dr. Taylor
Mario Burgos Chef Ramon
T.J. Castronovo Oarsman
Michael T. Swenor Cpl. Williams
David Sessions Lyons
Glen Robinson Johnson
Diaunte Evans
David Michael Mullins(as David M. Mullins) Technician
Hunter Person Paramedic #1
Gary Lamb Paramedic #2


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