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Project Mu is an open source release of the UEFI core used in Microsoft Surface and Hyper-V products initiated by Microsoft in December 2018. The project promotes the idea of Firmware as a Service.[1] The project's GitHub page describes the project as follows

Project Mu is a modular adaptation of TianoCore's edk2 tuned for building modern devices using a scalable, maintainable, and reusable pattern. Mu is built around the idea that shipping and maintaining a UEFI product is an ongoing collaboration between numerous partners. For too long the industry has built products using a "forking" model combined with copy/paste/rename and with each new product the maintenance burden grows to such a level that updates are near impossible due to cost and risk.[2]

The project was started to replace TianoCore's edk2 implementation to improve quality tests of the competing open source UEFI core.[3]


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