Project S-11

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Project S-11
Developer(s) Paragon 5
Publisher(s) Sunsoft
Designer(s) Paul Bragiel
Stéphane Hockenhull
Francis Bernier
Composer(s) Jonne Valtonen
Aleksi Eeben
Platform(s) Game Boy Color
  • NA: January 3, 2001
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up
Mode(s) Single player

Project S-11 is a game developed by Paragon 5 and published by Sunsoft for the Game Boy Color. It was released in North America on January 3, 2001.


The game is played in a manner similar to a shoot 'em up arcade game. Players control the S-11 fighter, which can freely move across the top-down oriented screen. Waves of enemies come from the top of screen (and occasionally the side) which the player must attempt to destroy to gain points. Players can collect various power-ups, which will make their weapons stronger or give them an extra life. Players will fight a mini boss half-way through a level, and a larger boss at the end of each level.


IGN praised the game for its lack of slowdown and for its excellent gameplay.[1] GameSpot wrote of the game, "Project S-11 is about the best the GBC is going to see in terms of space shooters."[2]


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