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For the Nvidia project formerly known as Project Shield, see Shield Portable.

Project Shield is a free anti-DDoS service by Google that is offered to websites that have "media, elections, and human rights related content."[1] The main goal of the project is to serve "small, under-resourced news sites that are vulnerable to the web’s growing epidemic of DDOS attacks" according to team lead George Conard.[2] It is similar to services offered by companies like CloudFlare. Google initially announced Project Shield at their Ideas Conference on October 21, 2013.[1] The service was initially only offered to trusted testers, but on February 25, 2016, Google opened up the service to any qualifying website.[3] The service works by having the website use Google's name servers, and traffic is routed through a Google-owned reverse-proxy, which identifies and filters malicious traffic.[4]


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