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A projector phone is a mobile phone that contains a built-in pico projector.

List of projector phones[edit]

Model Release Availability Projector technology
Logic Bolt V1.0[1] August 2008 China & USA 640x480 LCOS 10 Lumens
Samsung Show February 2009 South Korea & Europe 480x320, 10 lumens, max image 50"
Logic Bolt V1.5[2] October 2009 China & USA 640x480 LCOS 12 Lumens
LG eXpo December 2009 N/A 480x320, max image 40", 6 Lumens
Samsung Beam W9600 January 2010 South Korea 854x480, 15 lumens, max image 50"
NTT DoCoMo F-04B March 2010 Japan 854x480, 6 lumens
The Mighty March 2010 China 640x480, max image 32"
Samsung Galaxy Beam (Halo) i8520 July 2010 Singapore 800x480, 9 lumens
Intex V.Show IN 8810 November 2010 India
Techberry ST200 December 2010 India
VOX Mobile Q8 December 2010 India
NTT DoCoMo SH-05C January 2011 Japan 640×360, 9 lumens
Techberry ST100 February 2011 India
Spice Popkorn Projector M9000 March 2011 India
Intex V.Show Mini Theater IN 8809 March 2011 India
G'Five G5 April 2011 India
Videocon V4500 May 2011 India
Micromax X40 August 2011 India
Maxx Focus MTP9 December 2011 India
Samsung Galaxy Beam i8530 July 2012 Global 360x640, 15 lumens
iBall Andi4a Projector September 2013 India 640x480, 15 lumens
Akyumen Hawk V1.0 Projector Phone October 2013 China & USA 480P HD, 20 Lumens
Akyumen Falcon V1.0 Projector Tablet October 2013 China & USA 480P HD. 30 Lumens
ZFT K999 January 2014 China
Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 April 2014 China 800x480, 20 lumens
VVE WE8 2014 China 854x480, 45 lumens
Akyumen Hawk V2.0 Projector Phone[3] January 2016 Global DLP HD 35 Lumens
Akyumen Falcon EDU Projector Tablet[4] January 2016 Global DLP HD 35 Lumens
Akyumen Holofone Projector Phablet[5] February 2016 Global DLP HD 35 Lumens
Akyumen Falcon M Projector Tablet[6] February 2016 Global DLP HD 45 Lumens

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