Projekt: The New Face of Goth

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Projekt: The New Face of Goth
Projekt- The New Face of Goth.jpg
Compilation album by Various Projekt Records artists
Released 2003
Genre Dark Cabaret, Darkwave and Dark ambient
Length 51:01
Label Projekt Records

Projekt: The New Face of Goth is a compilation album released by Projekt Records to showcase some of their most popular artists. It was released in 2003.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Android Lust: "Stained" (video edit)
  2. Audra: "Cabaret Fortune Teller"
  3. Lycia: "Pray" (radio edit)
  4. Black Tape for a Blue Girl: "the lie which refuses to die"
  5. Voltaire: "BRAINS!"
  6. Unto Ashes: "Witches’ Rune"
  7. Attrition: "Two gods... are better than one!"
  8. Bleak: "In Vain"
  9. Lowsunday: "Wallpaper Room" (radio edit)
  10. Mira: "Divine"
  11. Mors Syphilitica: "The Hues of Longing"
  12. Love Spirals Downwards: "Stir About the Stars"
  13. Voltaire: "Goodnight, Demon Slayer"[1]


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