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The ISW Tytan (Polish: Indywidualny System Walki Tytan "Individual Warfare System Titan") is a Polish Future Soldier military project. The project started in 2006 and is currently in its first stage of development.

First Polish industry proposal of the new battle gear has been shown on 2008 Future Soldier Fair in Czech Republic. The soldier modernization program developed by Bumar Group is called "Ułan 21"("Uhlan 21")

Main Objectives[edit]

  • Creating new generation of battle uniforms
  • Creating new generation of tactical equipment
  • Developing new electronics and optics technologies
  • Developing new communication systems
  • Modernisation of equipment and adjusting it to current standards
  • Researching new generation ballistic shields


  • Main Weapon
  • Personal Computer (GPS system, Maps, Nightvision, Friend or Foe System, communications system, Weapon's crosshair system)
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Helmet with display, headphones and microphone
  • Modular body armor


Elements of battle gear will be tested by Zintegrowana Grupa Bojowa (Integrated Battle Group). Group consists of: