Prokofiev (song)

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Single by The Damned
B-side "Prokofiev" (Instrumental)
Released November 1991
Format 7" single
Genre Rock
Label Skinnies Cut
Writer(s) Scabies, James
Producer(s) Rat Scabies
The Damned singles chronology
"Fun Factory"
"Shut It"

"Prokofiev" was a single released by the Damned in 1991 on the Skinnies Cut label.

The song was recorded in June 1990 in Rat Scabies' home studio, consisting of a loop of The Stooges' song "Gimme Danger", over which Brian James improvised on guitar and sound effects. At a later point, vocals by Dave Vanian were added.

The single was sold on The Damned's September 1991 reunion tour of the US and came without a picture sleeve. It was later remixed for Not of This Earth in 1996.

The song was a tribute to the composer Sergei Prokofiev.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Prokofiev" (Scabies, James)
  2. "Prokofiev (Instrumental)" (Sensible, James)

Production credits[edit]